An ongoing requirement, not just 'sackcloth' maintenance, but reiterating occurrence and vision in the bible in the modern polite way.


Woman bashing, all hail Queen of Heaven (just kidding) – but what’s the direction with this all?


A Halloween investigation on the word ‘wicked.’  What first comes to mind, for me personally, are the verses that say when lawlessness increases ‘the love of many will grow cold,’ at the time of the end.  I only use the ESV and it doesn’t use the word wickedness here, but I remember some translations exchange the word lawlessness with ‘wickedness’ or because many are ‘wicked,’ something like that.  As one who wants to set a standard (I don’t, not my role in society) how do you teach direct when things are supposed to be ‘open to reason?’  What’s a law and what’s not a law and how are rules rules and teachings teachings and dealings dealings and is crossing the line ever okay?  Do you think today is wicked or lawless?  I think it’s convenient, not sure about those other two words, but I’ll keep investigating.

I know what not to do – do not teach with intention to mold an expectation that isn’t a requirement.  Humans have thresholds, some thresholds get crossed, and the soul of the violator does not exist, your neighbor was wronged, and it didn’t make their conscience.  The inner-self problem to explore:  It could be a pre-set motive, instilled in people (we don’t need the full details we need to know the combat risks) that misdirects accord even when things end in handshakes.  Communication or fronts that occur that cause a reaction, a knowledge, an educated response, but really the stickler just needed you to know what they can say.  Some people are demanding right?  Is it a reaction when they demand from you? Yea.  Is it a knowledge that comes from it?  I suppose to some degree there is a knowledge in all things said.  Is it an educated response?  More so a dedicated response, but it comes out well enough.

Are policy makers the ones that can’t talk extra with more openness?  Do they speak with frigid openness?  Or no openness?  Or only openness? I’m sure as with all people it’s hit or miss all scenarios included with people from top to bottom, but if someone learns a vantage (or way of life) does the vantage get protected too much?  Are rights created that weren’t meant to be an entitlement?  Are we living in a world with too many ins and outs, people of policy and false lenience where lines are crossed in wicked fashion?  Wicked is defined as an unpleasantry, probably unnecessary induced, brought into the equation regardless of morality.

What’s being or has been withheld in the world, how has integrity become compromised that has affected the processes set in place at this time of the end?  So who’s the wicked witch of this Halloween spoof writing?  Let’s go to Zechariah chapter 5 that specifically uses the word ‘Wickedness,’ that even the ESV includes in this example.  Women are referred or referenced in this passage paragraph to be a culprit (more than coincidentally but not matter of fact); they also are said (regarding women) out of Revelations to create a ‘defiling effect’ on mankind so to speak.  I don’t think it’s just because of the act of sex it was written (lest all non-virgins are defiled males for common marriage) it might be because some women in general care too much and too little in the wrong blend, but get some extra timely control due to life scenario.  Sexist to say maybe, I don’t know, but like I said I’m investigating.  How is that possible if there is no man or woman male or female in the true words of the bible that we are all one together as living spirits, that it not only teaches women submissiveness at times but also bashes women?  It says in spots we are ‘defiled by women,’ them having a ‘wicked’ component, or correlated to humans that may stir ‘iniquity’ with an increase – or even referred at times of the past as ‘king slayers that you can’t give your strength to,’ in verses I’m directly speaking about.     

Maybe this stuff was written because of an effect of control (via relationship lines that are crossed) with teachings used in society that distance ourselves from God’s requirements and allow women escape goat options.   The Zechariah paraphrased vision verse says ‘lift up your eyes, and what do you see?  You see a basket full of the iniquity throughout all the land, and behold what else do you see but a woman sitting in a basket.’  And he said, ‘This is Wickedness.’ And he thrust her back into the basket is what these chapter five verses say.’  Iniquity throughout the entire land, what’s that all about?  At the time of the end, is there a re-curring issue with giving to the ‘Queen of Heaven,’ instead of the Lord of hosts?   Back in Jeremiah 44 it talks on several occasions in several paragraphs about this mysteries queen of heaven god that appears to allow off justification, where decent people can agree but God would not, though the queen god would. 

‘Jeremiah said to all the people and all the women, Hear the word of the LORD, all you of Judah who are in the land of Egypt.  Thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel: You and your wives have declared with your mouths, and have fulfilled it with your hands saying, ‘We will surely perform our vows that we have made to make offerings to the queen of heaven and to pour out drink offerings to her.’  Then confirm your vows and perform your vows!  Therefore hear the word of the LORD, all you of Judah who dwell in the land of Egypt:  Behold, I have sworn by my great name, says the LORD, that my name shall no more be invoked by the mouth of any man of Judah in the land of Egypt, saying,’ As the Lord God lives.’  

So how does this all connect?  I don’t know, I don’t spy on your life conversations or dealings within your relationship; I know relationships go both ways and its not a battle.  I’m concerned that a higher percentage of women may follow pygmy (runt synonym) spiritual customs that go with little spirits (conceptions in their minds) that allow them little victories with offly control, and the effect of mankind’s ‘need of helper’ whether male needing female or female needing man – we ‘need a helper,’ it’s not good to be alone (from Genesis) becomes forsaken by this vantage being exploited in their conduct.  I never need to get bitten; I know that.  That’s not going to teach me, you biting me.  So there you have it, the day after Halloween a witch stirred within me (just a writing addition, not literally) a suspicious tidbit from biblical lighterage with a prophetic element about the time of the end, a colder time of love than should be, that hopefully exposes any additional wrong doings or systematic flaws taking place when iniquity may be excessive beyond where progression should have taken us.  Take cover to your relationship and dodge the end coming!

Toss in laws that aren’t direct teachings, that allow false authority situations, toss in common living deviances blanked under the queen of heaven rules of the household, along with modern movements some better than others, and things continue wayward at this point in modern history, even when new laws or rights are established with brighter society normality’s being allowed.  Who knows if the ‘women rights’ is the right cause I would respond.  I don’t know if it’s a true thing to establish, but I do think they face prejudice probably at a higher percentage ‘they’re immediately deemed not as capable to the discerner’ even if they are more capable right off the bat, than even the person discerning the knowledge or direction.  Perception is altered offly sometimes in human dealings.  So you have it in the workforce world they are dealing with potential stigma, but then you have the home (they share money and gave birth and have entitlement) which may have a carryover governing affect into society expectations that translates to ruling and authority decisions placed upon us.  Maybe some people by default, who are in positions of authority, such as Herod whose wife voted to behead John the Baptist, let a women affected by smaller fighting spirits control outcomes (enough contemplation from female angles to keep vantage or current practice) that carryout the consequences of current rule and authority worldwide, always perched safe by outlets derived from women.  Yet iniquity, prophetically speaking, must be rampant right now!  I don’t trust men or women alike.  I judge a spirit.  Happy Halloween.  Watch out for ghosts!  


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