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An ongoing requirement, not just 'sackcloth' maintenance, but reiterating occurrence and vision in the bible in the modern polite way.

October 31st Intro writing (click balloon for number I through XIII


Woman bashing, all hail Queen of Heaven (just kidding) – but what’s the direction with this all?


A Halloween investigation on the word ‘wicked,' quick run from the wicked monster - BOO!  What first comes to mind, are the verses that say when lawlessness increases ‘the love of many will grow cold,’ at the time of the end.

Are policy makers and constitutes within our society lawless?  Some laws are less open to reasonable resolution,  One person is off the hook, another is punished who is more innocence yet you are processed in the system without various levels of forgiveness.  Some rules have merit more than others.  In Matthew 24:12 the words 'lawlessness & wicked are interchanged universally (ESV & NIV) when talking about the love of many growing because of this.  If only this prophecy about love diminishing in the last days was just a spoke holiday such as Halloween.  


Are we living in a world with too many ins and outs, people of policy and false lenience where lines are crossed in wicked fashion?  Wicked is defined as an unpleasantry, an infliction and false morality into the equation.  Are the games kids or adults play on social media, the fights about politics or laws part of this growing coldness in neighborly love?  For many (not all), but from suicide to violence the days may not be as fresh as the past, even with more advancement in time decisions we can partake in.

So who’s the wicked witch of this Halloween spoof writing?  It's not the Queen of Heaven, a god of many gods worshiped by other regions in the past, but about a prophecy of a women in the end times that has abused people playing into sorcery practices and policies of bullying and display of power.  The prophecy actually includes 3 total women.  The one women in the basket referred to in the passage bolded below is a horn out of Revelation tied to the man of lawlessness.  A group of people that trample all peoples across the earth to varying degrees, part of an objective is to worsen religions practice and 'shatter the holy covenant.'  They learned the demonic realm, mind reading people and the devils angels and evil spirits become reasons people have lower self esteem.  Bully with insincere heart, playing a game of false prophecy.  One of the two women who 'flew in with wings like a stork, is out of Revelation in the section about the woman and the dragon.  Who is a mother of saints in Christianity who runs from the devil.  The wicked one is the false prophet Jezebel who is the great prostitute.  

 The Zechariah paraphrased vision verse says ‘lift up your eyes, and what do you see?  You see a basket full of the iniquity throughout all the land, and behold what else do you see but a woman sitting in a basket.’  And he said, ‘This is Wickedness.And he thrust her back into the basket.  Iniquity throughout the entire land, what’s that all about?  This women must think of herself as someone such to be a god like the Queen of Heaven,, part of an antichrist initiative to trample all the kings and people of the nations, where being mean or oppressive is fair game & encouraged.


Prophesying Numeric Writings
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