November 28th 2020 prophesying writing VII

It’s harder at times to actualize things when we are on our current routines.  Miracles are hard to actualize, less now than a decade ago maybe I don’t know.  It’s hard to actualize the difficulties that have happened in our history; the variety of exchanges that have occurred between people.  It’s hard to actualize that in the last hour there are many antichrists per 1 John (some wear it on their foreheads vocally, some are serpent cloaked shepherd doves).  It’s hard to rationalize to continue a prophetic vision, when via Daniel at the time of the end, you know they profane religion and have a claim and ability to trample all inhabitants of the earth, even placing themselves inside the temple which equates to elusive reign control over the church body and its practice. 


In Revelations, Kings of Babylon that go abroad the earth and spin equation and information as they choose (an entity that is the 2nd most False Prophet but is part of the totality of the Revelation False Prophet which includes the media and entertainment industries, behind possibly the 1st most false prophet people as current day Chaldeans negotiated as the desolators that destruct until the earth ends).  It’s hard to just work for faceless contacts that have advanced electricity practices knowing cold war espionage still exists more or less than random probability each day of our lives.  It’s not just smart to make yourself more of a target in all the ways you don’t want to have to go through.  Maybe when you get older you don’t want to be followed, being controlled or forced to partake in electronic screen devices that can always be recorded in a world with different time zones.  When you’re a youth, being mindread or unaware of it either way, might boost the ego in a good way ‘thinking dream playouts with and through people and stars,’ but I was born at the launch of the net remembering before to now, and now I’ve seen many of the same stuff (not saying some entertainment doesn’t meet expectation) but I feel as stale as the piss I need to flush in my toilet right now.   


I’m 100% certain there is a form of captivity in the land today (especially due to no straight forward communication in a world with the practice of undercover) right here and now, also a predicate ongoing false notion people can cling to, that is ridiculing justice throughout the world that includes false policies and practices all across the board (fraud enthusiast).  It’s law nah more or less.  I’m tired of everything, I do think that ‘because of lawlessness the end time becomes colder love’ is playing out like its suppose to; but at least I do appreciate the forward movements and improvements from history to now, can appreciate that, but for me right now it’s hard to be content with just food and shelter – there I kept up the prophesying duty.