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April 15th 2020 prophesying writing VI

The 3rd Seal: The Black Horse & Rider

Subtitle: God hated Esau’s conduct at times, but was giving desolate land still a gift overall?  Is hate an allowance of ongoing conduct carried out forever by the forsaken people from the Creator, become destruction standard form of conduct?  Just hate they say, get used to it, get some booty!  Even further, do they intertwine themselves into false prophecy within New Testament literature?  That I can’t dig into, but I can dig into the 3rd seal and some impending implications to all people across the face of the earth. 

There is a verse that says Jesus is the savior of all people, especially the household of God. <Click here BUT FIRST READ ALL BELOW to see me trying to get an antichrist bite for coalition company formation ultimate resolution of the end>.  This verse I’m talking about, doesn’t not necessarily pertain to those not written in the book of life who God calls goats verse sheep who are names written in future heaven.  They may not be saved in any way shape or form.  Though it says savior of ALL people, meaning disbelievers through and through could technically still be saved to some degree by Jesus to even get to live in hell as a consolation future reality.  Within the church there are variances of people who follow the one Spirit, the word ALL could just be referring to all who make heaven.  This further review of God’s word allows us to evaluate a verse connect from Jesus out of John speaking of ‘sheep-fold-different-flocks of different people and alike who hear him as the Shepard voice of true reality,’ as there are some heirs of heaven that don’t congregate as is the biblical direction given to the practicing Jews (modern day Christians), and this other fold takes more to heart the direction that was given to the gentiles by Paul who had a primary responsibility (unlike Peter with the attending circumcised Jews) that translates all the way to the end and even Romans 10 & 11 prophecy.  Some believe or will believe upon the harvest-time-scoot-in-line-prophetic-requirement-bows-and-arrows-of-Judah-and-Ephraim, as people that are intentionally not as bible literate, but go with the law written within their hearts as justification to themselves and God before judgement, as spiritual people that abide in Christ via the Royal law as their brother’s keeper, that believe it true they will see Jesus face to face before entrance into the final Kingdom of God that they selected with their free will to do so. 


So that verse could mean savior of all people heaven and hell, or also it could mean only both folds within the flock of the church body of people across the world Zion saved humans (both cultivated and born again).  I’d personally rather keep biblical memory as a portion of my mind all eternity, was it Noah before Moses or Abraham again – how did David get away that one other time?  Yet I can still store lots of other memory such as competitions or venue event things people keep up with as well, but the foundation of the word, as ludicrous as it can be in certain places, is a reminder to get right and honor holy conduct in a world full of common thoughts and mixed visuals and what not.  So it is advantageous first to be the Jew, then the gentile to me personally, but the Romans verse passage reference (‘first the Jew’) also makes it clear that things get mooted when it comes down to just getting entrance to heaven altogether; not just making it about religious gathering or scribe priest abilities as the foremost only thing to do.  So to reiterate that verse doesn’t just mean he is a savior of ALL people, though it likely is true whereas it could be interpreted that residents sentenced to hell still get some ‘being saved factor’ perk of living existence that is still over the line of suicide that allows their souls to continue ongoing at a level of some satisfaction; thus saying Jesus as ‘savior of ALL people’ is technically true (even if they deny him they are saved by him who is supreme as the people of the underworld living near the lake of fire, that exist with destructive practices that get them by without just shooting themselves or others, which is no easy task given hell is a place of torment and chains and gloomy darkness and an unquenching factor that be not worth it for any soul in retrospect.)  *Possibly Esau in honor of hate as common destructive practice could get a percentage factor to the lowest in heaven – as a risk for me to even say in blasphemy to the strict upfront God.  They enslave friendly to a degree, they keep a filthy language, make it about petty things like size or money or violence, etc. 

Nevertheless, the main warning we know, that could pertain to the 3rd seal I’ll dig into more here shortly, is snitch narks betrayers, are better to not have been born, coming out of the words of Jesus Christ who didn’t rat out the fugitives.  I’m guessing people would learn to snitch justified if he hadn’t said it so severely.  Judas Iscariot was the example made of, that hell will likely be below that line of existence for him for all eternity, being more miserable with no suicide option but it be your only false hope of recurring anguish.  Except by definition it may be less harsh to even Judas.  To define an organism that reacts in only 3 ways, we could say ‘it is better to have not ever been born then to be that thing that only moves under a microscope.’  If I was that simple organism worm it would be all that I know so I’d keep living, but looking down as an advanced human I’d rather not live that existence.  Maybe Judas only thinks two ways, then lets Satan enter him and his conduct or mental thoughts become looked down or frowned upon like that simple organism and he doesn’t suffer as bad as no mercy could be, where the possibility of the snitch nark ‘better to have never been born’ statement Jesus made about him is more directed by definition in a parallel way that says ‘Judas will continue only knowing a portion of living that by definition is incompetent as is a worm compared to a fully capable human.’  Some people buzz off belittling others, taking pride shrewdly over people, if you made me sit in a group of people that only do that all the while neglecting brotherly relationships by forgetting past memories or loyalties (people too controlled or elated by sin), then they all ‘let Satan enter them,’ to hate in various ways of demonic encircling – I too, on Jesus’s side, would rather not be born then be part of that eternal state of living.  I just spoke mercy there, if anyone understands that.  What’s written above serves to show an angle of severity that the bible always includes and points towards non-abiding citizens of God. 

ANYWAY, what I’m getting at is the black horse rider may more distinctly not be with God, whereas the other horses may be more correlated and activated by the prophets of the land.  With association to the 4th kingdom that tramples all people of the world, they likely have connections ‘going abroad to the kings of the whole world’ as operates who perform false signs, people and agencies that utilize demonic conspiracy, fighting the cross in all ways transparent or not, that the black rider horn he or she and or both (as the Ram) may have access to classified information, know how to change the market or blackball humans and pay off judges, trample and bully the world to their expectance.  They know how to hate not fair or wrong but wrong become raw, that is against statutes of the Lord but possibly a faith of a lawless man who can disrespect a business for an ego and expect it back at himself however the cookie is eaten.  Haggai isn’t just clear about the man of lawlessness or this vision we are waiting on, but like angels mock a person when drunk so they (the false prophets people of lawlessness) may institute false secret practices against any person who isn’t against the Holy Covenant.  Refrain or be regulated by the judge I’ll drag you too with no fear of God unless he descends from the clouds and all volcano’s first blow!

For one we know the term usage ‘hate,’ can be defined as a proactive deliberate action against the cause of another.  If you like further understanding of false prophecy hate – click here for a 50-minute video presentation BUT FIRST READ THIS ALL PLEASE.  God hated Esau’s conduct, yet both Jacob and Esau inherited some sort of blessing of the future, lest Isaac gave no hope or mercy to Esau altogether in the upfront blessing of faith.  Yes Esau lost his further blessing even shedding tears over the matter, but was allotted desolate land and the practice of destruction part of his portion and heritage that goes with slavery or prison, but still there are hints of indication that Esau, who hates Christians maybe with sophistication like Muhammad taught, becomes active in the New Testament by real life Muslim controllers.  It says, ‘leave out the outer courts, do not measure them’ – let them trample and blasphemy as they will.  So they make do with what they get, become a blessing however things unfold.   

We know the 4th trampling beast of Revelations hinders Christianity (even all religions as inferior), as entities of people practicing forms of destruction and enslaving, ranging from celebrity antichrist games out of Daniel to get more followers and power (each tweet or sale or IP report could slay tens of thousands of checkbox Christians), to real life treaty deals with real life terrorists—meaning the Daniel games of end time false prophecy exist right here right now ‘do not be deceived as an elect chosen person,’ the ‘I am he’s’ are in your midst, horns out to fulfill Mark of the Beast and scatter fellowship,’ and they abstract the word to diminish Christians sometimes preaching the letter of the law intentionally-sacrificially-false (a mob ability of one who retains the word, but it is not sacred to them) making Christians that they spy on or are aware of as fat and belittled people who are worse or equal or however it is they view them while denying the Lord and violating the 2nd commandment via various justifications.  So the black rider or other Revelation vision translate references, doesn’t always pertain to only Christian action and direction, it isn’t always just a proactive believer prophet or saint ‘following Jesus on his white horse, on a white horse himself out to conquer and manifest the proper end time vision,’ it’s also feasible that false spies get their hands dirty within the material and are referenced in the seals, even acting themselves along with how things go.  One thing is fortunate, the bible gave us forewarnings of various undercover anti-religious practices at the time of the end, better to be smart precautious like a snake but only to maintain the gentleness of God who turns the other cheek as things transgression to the day of wrath.    

So back to reading and discerning the 3rd seal, umm duh I already know to measure the church as direction given to one whose faith is in proportion to do and follow through with the task of reviewing the best and most bright personnel in the world (pastors / priests / prophets / apostles), to see the integrity of each denomination mutually exclusive yet still be true and connected doctrines of the Lord, to see how they care for each other and represent the light of God and burden of Christ through the darkness that some believe to be knowledge; I know how to measure human treatment and summarize a conclusive ‘measure summary’ regarding where the line (or plumb line) falls on entrance to heaven and proper practice, but I ain’t saying duh to myself regarding the 3rd seal in the spot that says ‘scales in hands out to measure the earth,’ where to my hidden awareness it could very well be the false prophet or antichrist bent on doing his own measure ‘so to not fail in one area to all people, from king celebrity to end time prophet to all gods of the earth he must put himself over.’   He’s got the money, he’s got the pride, he’s got all the thoughts, hell if hell’s even real he’s in the bible right here right now and prophesied of.  Ain’t no prophet or celebrity god of this earth match me.

I’m sure the black horse is timed with some sort of sync with the Revelations 11 direction to measure the household of God, to evaluate those who worship him in acknowledgement to Jesus as the Lord of Hosts, but it also possibly indicates tasks of a perpetrator who also can measure people and net worth’s and stocking of manufacturers.  Not that things all just happen at once, the transgressions that make desolate we know of at the time of the end called the ‘Abomination of Desolation,’ is and already has been an activated occurrence of people personnel who allow these various transgressions of foul play in the land against the Lord to continue on mindlessly or intentionally or a mix of both.  Even to deliberately not care is a crime!  Please they say, make a Christian more dumb or illiterate it will only help the cause – even trick them to feel more chosen so we can then explain why we control the reality and Christ is a figment and untrue reality.  With false signs and people out fulfilling false prophecy with great worldly power, don’t forget that the power ultimately lies in the hands of the Creator who gave his son the ability to be the overseer of your soul.  No not one, other than Judas for fulfillment sake, will be lost said Jesus – he even prophesied of you at the time of the end saying you will not be lost to the other decision, that even through trials and enduring discipline you will become refined and a true adopted heir of God.   


Even now, regardless of various conspiracy computer weirdo things that can happen, why must my word document close (showing my undead playing character in the other tab that fights and eats like a beast) have that happen and then reopen right in the middle of typing?  Why must I bear with the black screen of death (occurred 4 hours ago) even if it’s only a second of remote access hacking?  Slavery was in the 1950’s people, why must this captive practice take place with ghost transparency?  I’m not your agent, I’m an agent of the Lord Almighty who reveals things as ought be revealed.  Yet we the believers who must be slain by the sword always critically thinking, know we prevail through whatever procedures or policies that are in place in Satan’s domain at the foretold Daniel time of the end, such as computer meddling technology time spending, or spy agency abilities of entities to hide full host IP viewership that his (this head of antichrist operations and or blind religious guru) dominion and all others part of the end time false prophet plot will fall short ultimately to the expectations of heaven if they continue on so.  Earth as we know it will be old and only get more stale as the celebrity gods are cut off from the once epitome of viewership elation now become limelight recognition, and festivals and gatherings of this age will not match heaven and the angels (not to mention you will be scattered in hell from scheduling, you will be sent to prison) not to mention the physical planet will be destroyed by fire after it hails and people are scorched with heat and sores manifest on their faces that will make them beg for death for 5 straight miserable months. 


The Lord of the earth prevails, the prophets keep up, Satan finalizes his tasks, the earth stays in orbit and we live together through it all – some will be glad to see Jesus descending like heat lightening in the sky, some out to not get caught through and through will not; as he can only but come like a thief in the night to those who take no wise advice.  These 5th and 6th trumpets are a key option or better said decisive factor to whether or not actual sores occur to those who worship the image of the beast over God, verse theoretically get around of being (defense from the best Christian debaters out to fulfill peacefully) able to fully utilize electronic capability action, enterprise, & production.  I got spider venom injected into my forehead and for 5 weeks it was poison ivy, 5 months would be BAD.  Inherently speaking from the past to now (while a bit conceited and puffed up as a new believer), coincidentally communicated to a leader within the church at a time of sign or false sign, I communicated shingles on the forehead of an unbeliever as a trigger point memory – that may be the desire of the plague upon those who don’t even take a dot of 500 if they would only keep taking current social media glamour and all that that stands for. 

So if you don’t take heed to the end of Revelations (that states your share in the book of life will be revoked and you will be plagued by the curses written within this book) than woe to you black horse rider right now who is spying on the Christian vision at the time of the end with a blind right eye to its needed reality, as a self-figure head (I know that some myself trying to teach) that is essentially creating problematic lack in the manifestation of the true vision of Christ before the end.  With this spy ability, sometimes making an enslaved captive monitored Christian computer screen go black flash screen only for a moment (this occurring earlier as said before help spark further in depth analyses of the black rider) – implying they can, like an employer may do to employees, just IP remote access watch exactly what you are doing, maybe make something freeze or what not, sometimes meddling, sometimes amusing themselves controlling your mouse, sometimes sharing time and or accusing as a criminal would reversely do mimicking 7 evil spirits they continually hear.  Work work work pay Caesar or the beast in me and the bible may get you too!  These people are rough, they not only hit a Christian but an antichrist competitor alike – but priority always to the non-religious.  Pay our world!  All the while the Christians say, ‘we pay as we do to Caesar, but first and foremost we store treasures for future rewards above, we do that first unto death even if persecution arises by those who expect you to malign with them against the Lord.’  Regarding ‘loving your life not unto death,’ there will be a future initiative part of a coalition effort best resolution end time plan (additional Christian sacrifice to make louder sackcloth cry), part of the equation and a monetary revenue option for the antichrist committee. 

Not only this, but the black rider, we know via the passage of the 3rd seal, may very well know economy and be well endowed with market knowledge (not even himself being the man of lawlessness out of Thessalonians but a different prince of Persia) as a proactive enthusiast in the false prophecy world, taking note of the ‘blind Shepard’ prophetic direction as one who willfully ‘tears the flesh off the fat Christians’ at the time of the end – if he’s prophesied of or could be according to his perception of reading various passages, wouldn’t he not follow through doing that?  So to make fulfillment about himself true?  Don’t you want to be verified or what not on twitter, wouldn’t you try and be verified biblically incorrectly correct? The third seal with the black horse & rider says, ‘A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius, and do not harm the oil and wine.’  The witness end time prophets already know to be measuring themselves and the church body, to always be a spiritual man that discerns all things, as people subject to other prophets as humans who receive each other in the name of Christ, always looking out for the house of the Lord, this prophetic recurrence requirement of having a scale in your hands goes with the plumb line responsibility connection spoken prophetically in Zechariah with Zerubbabel, and is directly told as a task to do out of Revelations 11.  So prophets still abstract some direction out of this verse I will agree, but it may have more to do with the controllers of the world practicing sacrileges elementary practices that know the market of the modern times, the ones that take pride of inside access and information that allows ongoing success preeminence to run rampant over Christians. 

Who knows their level of grace or mercy giveth regarding things that take place and transgress right now, I’m sure given I can still type thankfully here and there with a web browser that works more than doesn’t, they don’t overdo stuff, but sparingly go beyond the sorcery they created and tamper which they ought not ever do but a single time.  So if following false prophecy is true to be verified as the ‘son of destruction,’ you shouldn’t harm the oil and wine, then their grace mercy would say don’t enslave a Christian from drinking alcohol at the time of the end, and don’t just cut off oil and vehicle travel – whatever that means exact I couldn’t tell you.  Back and forth, rhyme and parable, prophet and false prophet, all people have different angles of action during these times of difficulty.   A transgression is an ongoing wrong decision that is continually objectively made, the 4th beast of Daniel continually increases their penalty via forms of meddling that is associated to the prophesied ‘false powers, false wonders & signs, false sorcery teachings and deceptions,’ as they are out to shatter the holy covenant in an way they like, all the while Christians are told to sit back and ‘let the holy be holy, let the righteous be righteous, let the evildoer still do evil, and let the filthy still be filthy.’  But if this vision doesn’t magically happen, things will only get worse – we’re being denied better business practice as a church body (not that that is to be compared in anyway shape or form), but more so being denied better spiritual church modern objective, lacking the furthest connectivity comfort end time great oneness effort that would change soul rate percentages.  Nevertheless, we live on earth as people who are taught by the word to be eagerly waiting for the return, eagerly waiting for the new home and New Jerusalem, right now they are preventing this from occurring through tactics of fear over Christians, and the best presentation of a Zion online fortified vision effort in the modern electronic day is still be neglected, as they fight against any sackcloth embrace ignorantly in the time that can’t not be the time.  This great resolution coalition proposition see’s out all details and proves things true in a winners way, even sparing earth climate outside the time of testing that won’t occur but to unbelievers could still.

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