Levites live on in heaven.

November 5th Prophesying

To take on an approach, it requires awareness and discipline.  Levites are normal people who don’t just swing the gentile believer card.  We interact with priests or pastors, can go longer in conversation on bible material, can complete tasks of all sorts.  Not categorized in any which way from sons & daughters to fathers and mothers to king or prince queen or princess authority, ranging from prophet to saint we all speak and project differently, the only thing we do categorize ourselves to, is a meditational atonement factor so to fulfill the ‘priests forever’ requirement largely tied to the recurring prophetic covenant with Levi – which allows freedom from bond servanthood (that is work itself, but not necessarily outside 6 day common work) as we function continually as needed, as a reminder that God didn’t intend everything as man takes it in sometimes.  In company themed fashion, we can always think via the eutopia mindset image statement picture thought webpage, that has some ties to the state of heaven, verse earth, and how to project our thoughts correctly.  Thoughts on heaven are consolation, I get you want to retire, but consolation thoughts are still prize thoughts in the grand scheme of things.


Technically some saints won’t need to do priest association duties, due to a different focused mind of a different similar person within the body of Christ (pray for thankfulness and expect providence, no pondering needed).  In heaven we are higher and lower than each other, except the way things are written means we don’t fully know – ‘for the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than John the Baptist,’ yet he was the greatest born among women – so sometimes the word is what we need and it’s not as exact as us being ranked, but internally important for us to go there on in areas.  Lest we only strive to be lower – though naïve me may relax some commandments ‘becoming least,’ but it’s what I know, no longer following Paul like I once thought I had to.  So some people don’t need to do priest extra duties of additional thinking, some will and do. 


Say God webs the 15 thoughts that would come from this or that type of occurrence, He doesn’t look at the evil angle, then processes through the holy variances.  The Holy Spirit is called the Helper, he dictates largescale workload and God on top gets the information how He should.  Humans, get help from the Helper, get help from angel intermediaries, as we – unlike God - get bombarded with 1-15 thoughts, and sometimes go down the evil angle (which includes temptation and failing), and priesthood response atones for the difference of human to God as a way to defend the integrity of God who allows us to see gore, strangling, and absurd exposure, etc.  So while ‘God doesn’t look at evil Himself,’ don’t forget the reminders ‘He knows full justification part of judgement.’ He doesn’t neglect we go through evil, thankfully. 


So as Levites or believers in general, we should not withhold from saying the word ‘Christ,’ possibly forever more.  On earth were supposed to not deny the name of Jesus, so learn your style and grace etc.  It’s a formal way to address literary usage of reference & analogy, when saying Christ.  PROPHETIC TIDBIT:  We know Jesus changes his name in heaven, just like some people get stones with their own hidden name/alias, but Christ is always okay to use, but when he’s a friend and more normalized in the future millenniums, some may still call him Jesus (it does mean ‘name above all names,’ but humble and feet washing means he may not keep it).  Remember that prophesying isn’t a wishy washing hocus pocus game of words and bible reference, it’s communicating vision and detail, it’s saying things about Jesus so others look at it correctly.  The verse ‘For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy’ is always a good reminder.  He is the word, it says it in a way (the way it starts in John) to offset a few arguments (doubts we would have otherwise, or at least at times I would have thought wrong without it), to remind us ‘it’s sacred scripture,’ or else we repetitive other material and it gets fully outdated, or else we forget the ‘author of life’ connection as well, that ‘all things were made starting with him,’ and we could subsequently forget a few more rules (some are that rules aren’t rules) as dictatorship causes some issues with proper eutopia operations, such will be the case in heaven.  It’s a vision of God, that some people upon heaven’s entry will receive a stone with a new name on it, so I’m prophesying by connecting this into material for people to grasp and prepare for.


I read a verse the other day out of the Psalms, written by David, who when the people needed him during war, 10’s of thousands cheered him on, but later on when things settled, people of influence started nitpicking and ganging up on his allegiance to God, they ragged him for fasting, got the people to think he’s stupid by saying ‘food is important, look at that bozo,’ and somewhere near this verse it was said ‘they hate on righteous people without a cause,’ and ‘they create and frame statutes based off injustice,’ that they magnify amongst each other ‘to justify the treatment’ to people who should be left alone, or off the hook.  So the word, and Jesus himself, helps us remember it’s better to be a free slave to God, than a slave to a dictator, if you can grasp the totality of the sin conception – which isn’t easy to not take offense at, but can be looked at normally as well.  David knew he wasn’t always perfect, we know he saw corruption unlike Jesus the ‘holy one’ to come who never did, but righteous people making errors while partaking in the common, don’t cross the line in certain ways, and unfortunately in this world, a world that isn’t a utopia how it should be, they get ‘murdered,’ or deal with persecution because people side with the influence of the satanic realm and carry it out disconnected with each other mostly – hopefully today that isn’t such the case, that murder is rampant!  We beg for that not!  Lest the Levite 100 be poisoned at some point, as antichrists test the word as could be an inclination.  So conceptually the Levite 100 is alive as a good organizational leadership creation of what could be, but it may not form if it’s too risky.   


More prophesying will occur on this page, the prophetic tasks themselves will be further highlighted - remember the 1,260 days of prophesying could be each day hour second of total accumulated work over 10 years, or 3.5 years straight, or a mix and match of mind and writing and reading and effort of the witness collaboration that takes place worldwide.  Ideally, as a head of operation under the dragon (as it collects money with the rest of the world—not free  of charge like Paul’s testimony) while being trampled by the Dragon (like everyone else across the globe) via privacy infringement practices along the way by antichrists (conceptually this is now fulfilled), as FTE will not no longer by loyalty to the gospel, ‘wipe the dust off their feet,’ dust that comes from the presence of the Dragon’s money practice; FTE once mortally wounded and objected to money (2005 to recent years), now coincides, cooperates, with businesses of the world to generate the needed prophetic treasure - if it so be allowed.  Regarding the 42 months of prophetic objectives addressed at the beginning of this paragraph, Free Token Enterprise would like to run or better said orchestrate, the production of this all in time allotted chunks of organized dedicated effort, though as mentioned prior due to risk, standard church may just suffice all the way to the end.  We shall see!


Next up (possibly): The covenant of Levi prophetic definition further addressed, and separately written at a different date ‘who’s a prophet in their line of work?’