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Levites live on in heaven, an eternal covenant of living accord, maybe earth again too.

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To take on an approach, it requires awareness and discipline.  Levites are normal people who don’t just swing the gentile believer card.  We interact with priests or pastors, can go longer in conversation on bible material, can complete tasks of all sorts.  Not categorized in any which way from sons & daughters to fathers and mothers to king or prince queen or princess authority, ranging from prophet to saint we all speak and project differently, the only thing we do categorize ourselves to, is a meditational atonement factor so to fulfill the ‘priests forever’ requirement largely tied to the recurring prophetic covenant with Levi – which allows freedom from bond servanthood (that is work itself, but not necessarily outside 6 day common work) as we function continually as needed, as a reminder that God didn’t intend everything as man takes it in sometimes.  In company themed fashion, we can always think via the eutopia mindset image statement picture thought webpage, that has some ties to the state of heaven, verse earth, and how to project our thoughts correctly.  Thoughts on heaven are consolation, I get you want to retire, but consolation thoughts are still prize thoughts in the grand scheme of things.


Technically some saints won’t need to do priest association duties, due to a different focused mind of a different similar person within the body of Christ (pray for thankfulness and expect providence, no pondering needed).  In heaven we are higher and lower than each other, except the way things are written means we don’t fully know – ‘for the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than John the Baptist,’ yet he was the greatest born among women – so sometimes the word is what we need and it’s not as exact as us being ranked, but internally important for us to go there on in areas.  Lest we only strive to be lower – though naïve me may relax some commandments ‘becoming least,’ but it’s what I know, no longer following Paul like I once thought I had to.  So some people don’t need to do priest extra duties of additional thinking, some will and do. 


Say God webs the 15 thoughts that would come from this or that type of occurrence, He doesn’t look at the evil angle, then processes through the holy variances.  The Holy Spirit is called the Helper, he dictates largescale workload and God on top gets the information how He should.  Humans, get help from the Helper, get help from angel intermediaries, as we – unlike God - get bombarded with 1-15 thoughts, and sometimes go down the evil angle (which includes temptation and failing), and priesthood response atones for the difference of human to God as a way to defend the integrity of God who allows us to see gore, strangling, and absurd exposure, etc.  So while ‘God doesn’t look at evil Himself,’ don’t forget the reminders ‘He knows full justification part of judgement.’ He doesn’t neglect we go through evil, thankfully. 


So as Levites or believers in general, we should not withhold from saying the word ‘Christ,’ possibly forever more.  On earth were supposed to not deny the name of Jesus, so learn your style and grace etc.  It’s a formal way to address literary usage of reference & analogy, when saying Christ.  PROPHETIC TIDBIT:  We know Jesus changes his name in heaven, just like some people get stones with their own hidden name/alias, but Christ is always okay to use, but when he’s a friend and more normalized in the future millenniums, some may still call him Jesus (it does mean ‘name above all names,’ but humble and feet washing means he may not keep it).  Remember that prophesying isn’t a wishy washing hocus pocus game of words and bible reference, it’s communicating vision and detail, it’s saying things about Jesus so others look at it correctly.  The verse ‘For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy’ is always a good reminder.  He is the word, it says it in a way (the way it starts in John) to offset a few arguments (doubts we would have otherwise, or at least at times I would have thought wrong without it), to remind us ‘it’s sacred scripture,’ or else we repetitive other material and it gets fully outdated, or else we forget the ‘author of life’ connection as well, that ‘all things were made starting with him,’ and we could subsequently forget a few more rules (some are that rules aren’t rules) as dictatorship causes some issues with proper eutopia operations, such will be the case in heaven.  It’s a vision of God, that some people upon heaven’s entry will receive a stone with a new name on it, so I’m prophesying by connecting this into material for people to grasp and prepare for.


I read a verse the other day out of the Psalms, written by David, who when the people needed him during war, 10’s of thousands cheered him on, but later on when things settled, people of influence started nitpicking and ganging up on his allegiance to God, they ragged him for fasting, got the people to think he’s stupid by saying ‘food is important, look at that bozo,’ and somewhere near this verse it was said ‘they hate on righteous people without a cause,’ and ‘they create and frame statutes based off injustice,’ that they magnify amongst each other ‘to justify the treatment’ to people who should be left alone, or off the hook.  So the word, and Jesus himself, helps us remember it’s better to be a free slave to God, than a slave to a dictator, if you can grasp the totality of the sin conception – which isn’t easy to not take offense at, but can be looked at normally as well.  David knew he wasn’t always perfect, we know he saw corruption unlike Jesus the ‘holy one’ to come who never did, but righteous people making errors while partaking in the common, don’t cross the line in certain ways, and unfortunately in this world, a world that isn’t a utopia how it should be, they get ‘murdered,’ or deal with persecution because people side with the influence of the satanic realm and carry it out disconnected with each other mostly – hopefully today that isn’t such the case, that murder is rampant!  We beg for that not!  Lest the Levite 100 be poisoned at some point, as antichrists test the word as could be an inclination.  So conceptually the Levite 100 is alive as a good organizational leadership creation of what could be, but it may not form if it’s too risky.   

More prophesying will occur on this page, the prophetic tasks themselves will be further highlighted - remember the 1,260 days of prophesying could be each day hour second of total accumulated work over 10 years, or 3.5 years straight, or a mix and match of mind and writing and reading and effort of the witness collaboration that takes place worldwide.  Ideally, as a head of operation under the dragon (as it collects money with the rest of the world—not free  of charge like Paul’s testimony) while being trampled by the Dragon (like everyone else across the globe) via privacy infringement practices along the way by antichrists (conceptually this is now fulfilled), as FTE will not no longer by loyalty to the gospel, ‘wipe the dust off their feet,’ dust that comes from the presence of the Dragon’s money practice; FTE once mortally wounded and objected to money (2005 to recent years), now coincides, cooperates, with businesses of the world to generate the needed prophetic treasure - if it so be allowed.  Regarding the 42 months of prophetic objectives addressed at the beginning of this paragraph, Free Token Enterprise would like to run or better said orchestrate, the production of this all in time allotted chunks of organized dedicated effort, though as mentioned prior due to risk, standard church may just suffice all the way to the end.  We shall see!


Next up (possibly): The covenant of Levi prophetic definition further addressed, and or separately written at a different date ‘who’s a prophet in their line of work?’

November 25th Prophesying  -  II


Nov 25th Prophesying II

You been scrolling before?  You been patrolling?  Is the north safe yet?  Have we avoided the boiling pot mess and spared ourselves of any possible future risk so to not dismiss potential prophetic revealing of the time of the end, the last hour to be spared of?  Can we conceptually make a Judah exist, can we make Zechariah connect how it should better?  How many Thyatira morning stars are out there and who surpasses who on this type of inquiry?  From what I know, scrolling starts with reflection of Ezekiel which I remember from my tattoo I obtained on a California quest that says E2:8 and it’s not just an Ephesian reminder.  That was scrolling, a 4.5K road trip not otherwise done, aware it leads to the Revelation scroll section that says, ‘you must again prophesy about many people and nations,’ again and what not.  I’ve been scrolling a few times (or the entire time I suppose), I’ve been figure heading as one cornered by the verbiage of the bible, lest God take no pleasure in one who shrinks back once claiming a faith as largescale as one naively could do.   Whether dismayed or not for lack of zeal as my crime up to now, or accredited for castigating potential antichrist hemming action (or inaction of aware people of the 7th church, accomplished individuals above enough reproach to sit back too lack or biblically astray) as Satan’s messengers, sometimes disguised in light blatantly lying or altering the little ones not to be cut off and perished, as a people group who scatter Christians across the world as an entitled allowance of conduct—all the while creating mercy needs for myself along the way, as I process and portray, as judgement is brewing for us all.   So the goal, was to Ezekiel bridge gap to a figurehead position not neglected or forsaken, to no knowing but equality in the land of Judah now established as we gauge risk and how far to go with this all.

So else what about Ezekiel do we need to digest?  The diamond hard forehead section and how it translates to the situation we are in right now because opposition is a real thing, practiced before us each unfortunately.  Ezekiel had to bridge the gap, to do additional work on behalf of God, that wouldn’t have been the obligation of the practicing priests.  In a world with so many people these days, who knows how many I am he’s out in their own wildernesses, have made this a life mission their selves up to now?  Who knows what the watchmen of our time would say leading up to now and this prophetic awareness being more pointed at (regarding the modern day I am he’s – prophets or false prophets out there)?  What I can say about myself, is I wanted to create a figurehead position and create blood on the hands of people who don’t make this a mission, but more so those who thwart it.  The vision shouldn’t just be a Daniel question mark that is avoided, it should be a common decision of best practice of the Church, as a better route to learn God involvement at the time of the end, how much He will rouse Himself.  However, let me magnify while saying this, it ain’t worth it to go overboard on this.  I’m not looking for even one fight, I don’t think I’m as hard as the other side – just so you all know, now not thinking through Ezekiel.  So some will keep the perish mindset to all spiritual afterlife Christian religious questioning all the way to the return, others practicing death may counter act this type of effort to an additional degree of risk (framing, litigation, poisoning) that could potentially mean we ultimately let the fields of grass, full of thieves-mold-gold&treasure, grow as is.  We get to test things, but who knows how matter of fact or displayed this vision will be made of. 

Dec 2nd III

Not a fairy tale position, but a defined role and duty similar to that of everyday workers in and outside of the church.

In an everyday work example, it takes allocating preset organizational tasks by the firm, that allows the processing of the company language and objectives to be carried out by a dedicated employee set to perform the needs on behalf of the organization, in their various daily job duties.  Concerning everyday workers, ranging from all types of professions and ways to generate income near and far, people have stances or allegiance on the matter, in regard to everything that work implies within family and citizenship.  If a prophet, like any other worker who takes on additional responsibility in their assigned duties would, say, see out a typed-out vision project (not a vision in a dream during sleep or angelic exposure, but a project that can be developed such as a construction plant project) you have the extra ability to see out scenario and mold things according to the expectation.  Like an engineer in their job, they have to see things in developmental stages all the while being up to speed on practice mandates because each out of policy error is unwanted; each error in deed, writing, speaking, is an encounter to avoid – things such as unneeded confliction or controversy isn’t the way to proceed, or any error ridden explanations to begin with can be unproductive or counter intuitive for the prophet and the goal and representation, since accuracy is a primary aim, even when we deal with some partial revealing’s to dig through.

If you aren’t an engineer but also work for the firm in a different role than the engineer, you might not retain all the information to clearly explain how things unfold along the way; you grasp the project vision of the firm in the meeting but aren’t at the same level of total involvement day in and day out with the same training, zeal, and or aptitude, on behalf of the operations.  In one example an engineer may be an introvert and the front desk receptionist an extrovert, but the total measure of the definition at hand is variable (balance of work, pay, skill, & spiritual duty) for all people evaluated.  While pay may differ, this additional carried out ability (project management and development for financial dollars gained) isn’t an evaluation of anything on each other’s personal behalf as human beings, as we know for the most part all things are vice versa in comparisons when it comes to reasonable people living reasonably;  so defining how you are a prophet in your job is not exact, but we can assume it includes an element of both fluency and extra human treatment.  Maybe a false prophet is the capable engineer who treats people rude, that intellectually speaks out carried out will, but is lessor biblically to the other guy non-false-prophet engineer who adheres to above and beyond human niceness (not in violation to the already dictated spiritual realm ‘council,’ that decides to punish anyone arrogantly calling your brother a ‘fool,’ as a grounds for an eternal reward variance due to a lack luster disregard and usage of your tongue towards your neighbors) where both engineers have the fluency and mental retention and training to carryout larger scale projects, but one is in the church working in and out, the other is a worker of the common work day week.   

Do you personally see other workers and organizations around us as capable people with the different right blends of productivity?  Then you see it right, people are very capable especially in work settings, and it’s good to remember you shouldn’t have to make everyone the same but should see how others are additionally reaping their angles and why they have it just as good as your own positive self.  Maybe someone went to engineering school, their faith along the way didn’t consist of this accomplishment as a needed life goal prerogative, and gladly took the job of a receptionist all things considered.  A prophet of heart the receptionist may be within the industry, but not soaked or encompassed enough into the material to the degree to take on a call that brings on additional its additional scrutiny and requirement.  Everything has a definition, each job has a description with words to articulate it, how is this role or conversation really that different?  We should be able to generalize this into normality, that somebody out there establishes themselves as prophet of the Lord and see’s through a Daniel vision.  I personally don’t back down from this type of thought and can keep it open ended as part of ‘prophecy test,’ but as things have evolved and transpired along the way up to this point, I know I’m just at the starting point of brewing up the Levi objective and correct prophetic interpretation in several miss avoided areas of interpretation.  I’m creating a character of reference, to speak the prophetic language as a sign to believers.

In the working world that includes both common and holy conduct, when measuring this job or that job to each other, whether the person is a church-religious-spiritual personality type devotee or not, there are many factors part of defining this type of blended example where we define additional details as to what daily job roles really are as prophets in our jobs, but what things really comes down to, is getting the job done on a larger scale or it’s a complacent end of the world and the brothers ‘weren’t made aware enough, we didn’t dodge common assembly prophetic scrutiny’ as one of many connecting reasons for the entirety of everything occurring.  The higher paid engineer, may be a jerk by nature and not embrace biblical mindsets (misses grace and gets rude wrong) and bottom line is less of a genuine person, more or less productive as a different worker who excels in different mannerisms or settings altogether (not to categorized or diminish the engineer in the example) so we make note of several components that are scrutinized on this ‘prophet in your job definition’ example that may say you only get a prophet definition (whether false or true) if you can take on the means to accomplish the defined goal  – a prophet, in its own separate criteria explained, can’t violate or ever make 2nd commandment errors, must be an advocate and teacher of the ‘Law and the Prophets’ knowing why love and judgement, mercy and sacrifice, are statute words in themselves, with biblical contexts that should continually be evaluated, with ongoing discernment on these matters that continually require reflection.  The effort to clue ourselves deeper for insight and additional knowledge of human interaction and understanding, to connect closer with God correctly, is what helps separate the degree of depth of inquiry of willingness we spiritually yearn for as we mature and grow in these spiritual areas of life and better human connection with each other.  Varying grace will always exist between us all, communication itself requires processing things that can’t just be matter of fact. We are all provided for if we believe and the different ranges of grace from person to person on behalf of their servant role with God is part of individual faith and their needs, as we all should see how our calls connect to prophethood, or what that would require and its relation to everything. 

Why do the two greatest commandments from Matthew 22:40 reference this ‘Law and the Prophets’ precept, why does Galatians 5:14 (saying the entire law is fulfilled under it) create language that says the entire law of the gospel is first categorized under this primary parental life respect teaching that says be a good neighbor to your neighbor and do affairs to others as you want it back?  It’s a core teaching that should be in the hearts of prophets and all people in the body – if love is the greatest, then start with the people around you each day and you’re eternally secured.  People in their jobs will always have different criteria’s or ways we are evaluated, maybe a prophet job has more total scrutiny with conduct than other jobs, maybe less scrutiny than a strict rulebook workplace, but the job itself is no new concept we should be avoiding.  A combination of the right heart, the right vested interest and effort in the material helps to allow the prophet role to be grasped and preserved.  So as with any role you carryout, you maintain tasks and expectations, you become aware of what you need to address and review and you keep moving forward.  People are good and bad in their jobs, some people are prophet leaders in their jobs, some are lead co-workers, some don’t care altogether; from one job to the next, a job is just a definition of what you do and the manner you do it in—each person in the body is a job of the church in itself.   

To conclude we are all similar humans doing different things in our jobs we got connected to.  As touched upon in an earlier writing, the job of scrolling, the job of keeping a prophet objective still alive, requires 1,260 days of prophesying, requires we test a prophecy, requires we see fulfillment things occurring (false and real signs), and requires we try extra to expand word symbolism for the sake of finishing things up to display the final defense of the gospel before the end.  This time tested gospel that couldn’t be educationally or mystically disproven up to now, now has modern developed people who have already learned and grasped the cross crucified everlasting gift understanding, that wasn’t just easily understood during the early church movement when they had to drive home these miracles to the crowds that took longer (during communication by letter & less literate times) than would be the case today. 


So, to conclude apart from the prophet in your job evaluation we have already discussed, did I prophetically say things incorrectly in the last writing (#II) as something I should ask myself and reflect upon?  Or does one always get to use an example of past history and spin it into a different interpretation in an attempt to create a modern constructive evaluation objective, as I’m always prevaricated under a prophetic escape goat outlet that allows the writer to question the mind of the current day reader interpreter, always safe if done in in a prophetic language tone?  Well, it’s risky to write prophetically, especially if errors matter very much so as said before, but time and evaluation, checking each side of the interpretation, gauging what is gained and lost, what needs additional defense or explanation, are all things part of the equation.  Why did I define the people of the north country to people of my own country in connection to past historical Jeremiah and Zechariah passages of a completely different captivity?  Why am I pressing the envelop on the Olive Tree connection of Zechariah, Romans, and Revelations?  Why continually objectively try to always loosen the borders of modern-day Zion and the mustard seed in this era?  Why create definitions and language and spiritual correlations to modern day Jerusalem correlated as ‘Sodom and Egypt?’  We are supposed to be interested engaged readers with an additional attention to this material of implication, as the goal isn’t always to be the best at processing standard historical information ‘unprophetically,’ but to read with relevant insight from then to now always remembering the faith component the gospel doesn’t restrict.


The next writing is a short and simple piece that will define why I used a prophetic tone in the prior writing (writing #II), done in a different age where the next scholar cannot add words to the bible, when centuries have passed of social change and expectation, in a world with more decisions we must ask ourselves what are the real objectives at hand if we take the responsibility of things no different than someone taking on a new contractual job? Then will address the covenant of Levi further. 

Dec 18 IV

December 18th Prophesying  -  IV


The spirit is not the flesh, neither is the earth body the same as the heaven body.  At one point, it was determined to include information about Jesus walking through a door, at one point he wasn’t recognized after his resurrection, even by his daily followers, as something mooted his appearance.   If beauty is said to be vain and semblance of outer appearance is not the measure, then let’s prophesy about the varying ‘degrees of glory,’ of the heavenly bodies to come.  The bible determines the flesh as wretched, weak, & inferior; it ages like deterioration occurs on earth where mold forms, rust ruins, and cancer creeps in.  It also considers the antichrist meditation inferior, where ‘tearing of flesh,’ occurs via demonic accustom where rude is righter or it doesn’t matter to begin with regarding us humans and our self-awareness’s.  Petty destructive practice runs rampant in mankind as groups of the devils angels monitor and alter human thought pattern by their susceptibly inclined discernment, Beelzebub allegiance and strategy, and a higher larger might status ‘aware of scripture.’  This rampant destructive practice, outside and even inside of the church includes what is called the other flesh practice, with descriptive spiritual adjective words such as jealousy, rivalry, malice, unrighteous embrace, as Satan devours and belittles us for any ‘fat practice,’ that opens the window for blasphemy or slander to alter the reality (he is the accuser of brethren) thwarting and hindering us in various ways and temptations.  In heaven both the flesh body and what is currently called the spiritual flesh practice of (mankind’s sins of mind & action) is removed from the equation.  As prophesied, regarding our future eternal bodies, there will come a day when all people will ‘have energy like David,’ who killed bears and protected against lions, slayed thousands, defeated Goliath, and sought and found the heart of God.  Continuing this prophesy on heaven to come and appearance of our ‘new heavenly bodies of unsurpassable glory,’ I can’t say the differences of size will be diminished to a closer ratio scale, I can’t say that proportions and features of our image won’t still exist (a less desired nose or chin) but what I can say is that appearance will be mooted more than we are consciously aware right now, even by the best eyes of the world who see all their loving neighbors equally right and fair. 

With the invention of television and media, we’ve reached a point in history where exposure of each other has reached it’s climax.  Women aren’t isolated in the house with headcovers, encounters are more frequent seeing each other in these days of connectivity when humans are going to and fro with automobile and airplane – we see each other outside of standard hours, in more scenarios and ways, through glass windows of the electronic screens that are continually before us each day at the maximum amount now.  Self-glory or appearance doesn’t biblically matter correct, so this shouldn’t be the point or included in the information to begin with?  It’s included to help make us make a better decision on belief, that doesn’t only stem from inner desire of the heart for virtue associated with the creator, but rule of thumb common reasoning as well.  For one we know we no longer will have any self-rot, unlike hell where a negative lingering affect prolongs in the soul minds of hell.  Some form of lessor body is indicated and an uncomfortable knowing will continue on as ‘their worm does not die, the fire is not quenched.’  How do you define unsurpassable glory, in comparison to the souls of of hell?  You essentially moot appearance as if we all got plastic surgery and ate our best, narrowing our focus to see each other like video game characters where the distinct features and differences of us no longer stand out into discernment. 

Essentially, in some way similar to now but yet different (remember Jesus sparkled on the mountain in vision with Moses and Elijah), we will shine and be refined like Gold and Silver blended together as a new eternal ore.  We feel negative emotions at times having to wait on the Lord, having to be being patient through unfair struggles, we’re supposed to endure through suffering,  to become steadfast through trial during exile here in Satan’s domain (while we’re mocked and forsaken at times angelically and humanly) and the distance we feel apart from God (in both ways wanting no part or His better action) creates an enmity with the God of creation and the savior figurehead chosen one Jesus, as each second of the day has a different needs or objectives and God sits to high and far away on his pedestal.  But, as difficult as it is to evaluate or look out further than now, God knows year 1,000 in heaven, He knows the exact way we will meditate, live, and view each other.  He knows that the conduct of heaven will plateau into a different better lifestyle as we will meditate less on appearance or advantage than we do during this age.    

How inferior, in a time continuum retrospect back to the future review kind of way, does the flesh practice of today look to the beings of heaven who are aware of  the future state and conduct of the 2nd heaven and 2nd earth?  We’ve been squawking too much here on earth in a rigged scenario, often too indecent and unsubstantial.  They know (heavens array), regardless of the dispute of the devil, that in heaven we still get wine, we still get energy and reaction and decisions of implication, even drama dare I say—that the glimpses of the current age (festivals and foods) we see and are exposed to now are lawful to partake in, futuristically aware of the soon coming further eternal paradise life allowance of heaven.  How inferior then, looking at things now, does bully practice look to heavens angels?  Our manmade stigma’s and precepts are at times counter intuitive to direct biblical information and approach, so these watchers as Ezekiel called them, are beings of higher mental capacity and access than us, as beings aware that some of the practices of the world we see around us instigate discord, create unnecessary hardships of thought and time for people in need, and at times defeat greater purposes at hand as disguised teachings or restrictions that God wouldn’t keep intact how we currently keep control of things now. 

We can’t keep shooting ourselves in the foot like it’s a learning in itself to embrace, that it is ever good to struggle through unnecessary experience or thought or put people in osculated scenarios indifferently.  Did you need your tire popped or your car keyed and wallet stolen after you just went underwater financially?  Did you need to have those extra thoughts?  Did you, a loving person, need to go through hate or accusation in your mind?  Did you need someone to point out the zit on your nose in front of the class every time they got the chance?  No, the unnecessary of now is not necessary, you didn’t need to waste hours of your life thinking through some scenarios or dealings.  No, contrary to popular opinion by some who claim glory in shame, some life occurrences don’t just translate into vague forms of value in different ways of unison or spectacle; we’re not supposed  to incur unnecessary reaction or bad behavior when it’s all said and done.  Yet people still harm each other, still foul, still try and one up or kill the other for their own short sided gain.  What does it really look like when we forsake the covenant of the gospel?  It looks like loss of accumulation, like watching a stupid person continue doing things wayward, forsaking a paycheck and living in envy unnecessarily.  If every single thing we do is being recorded part of judgement, people who do it worse and only get worse only worsen their punishment.  You remember way back when ages ago when people on the first earth looked so differently and how some people continued to worsen their penalty by not embracing common sense brotherly love, says the fellow angel to the human in future heaven?  Yea that was absurd says the god being, I barely even remember those days says this conversation of future eternal heaven residents. 

But the earthly worldly only person of today would say, I choose to perish with the world, slack spiritually with people more than I should, but gain shrewdly within the practice of money, ‘you only get to live once,’ says the unbeliever.  No, for the record you don’t only get to live once, you don’t just get to perish and get off with no repercussion, what you do get is the 2nd death in the terrain known as the Lake of Fire.  Do you think 1,000 years of asylum is worth the penalty difference of obeying the 2nd commandment here on earth?  Even if you take a lower grace humility gets you in.   How long do you think it will be, if you didn’t have conceptual humility or everlasting life desire to the creator during the first timeframe here on earth, will it take for you to break into anguish when further restrictions are incurred in hell?  If you think after 30 days you won’t be weeping and gnashing your teeth at the tormented slow time you will be stuck in, you may be gravely mistaken.  There’s no therapy that will save you through it, you’re going to get to own up and be made aware of the hidden things you did yet continually disregard. 

A lawless person can always justify their actions through situational basis of numeric entirety, yet each neglectful thing done accumulates you backward in the grand scheme of things.  Judas killed himself, his mindset caught up to him, even as a devil with some sort of advantage always at his fingertips, it didn’t satisfy him to practice the craft of the devil.  Snitching for the greater good of the worldly infrastructure or the gloat of your what could be further standing, are decisions that will not prevail as wisdom; making a practice to take people to court and through litigation could be deemed more of a foul than a quick theft error of what could be, by outer appearance at first glance, a less stable juvenile human.  These practices are evasive forms of what will become an exposed grave penalty, all for not thinking through the equation and time of others; it won’t escape you from misery as Judas bared witness.  Regarding the 1,000-year asylum warning, how will you fare after 5 years, 50 years, or a full earth life sentence with 10 more to go?  How bad will that be to go through, all because you embraced things indignantly & unnecessarily so much so that you couldn’t reason with the religious dilemma before us all?  If the rich who perish on earth to retirement and earthly reward have received their consolation in this life, only to go to less sunshine and options in the next life, how bad will it be for the worst violators of the 2nd commandment who only continue to deceive others?  Maybe the ones scorched by the end time sun in the final days, as the outer courts who practice an eternal belief who don’t get into heaven, will be hardened for their next life better than the pampered people of today in kings clothes that allow various forms of oppression to be misaddressed?   

Either way hell will be a form of chains, of darkness and gloom to come, for both the isolated shrewd rich person who didn’t believe or responsibility themselves for the souls of their children, or for revilers of the world who do the bad practice of destruction (which looks away from recourse and obligation, even murder foe friends for gain).  In smite I’m disgusted you may be able to perish after 1,000 years, lucky to get off the hook and become ash like a burnt stick thrown into the oven, getting off potentially easy for neglected time and approach of the now, where being great in this life as a king took your only precedence.   To maintain the perish mindset indignantly, associates you to each heartless second of hardship incurred unjustly in this life worldwide to the greater whole of humanity.  Stances matter and to remain pridefully stale and stalled under lessor manmade cooperation and practice become the standard measure and expectation, neglects gospel and places a sole teaching of life and existence, that isn’t complete.  You took advantage of the perish mindset, took extra and accrued as though the warnings of the bible are not parallel with the severity of how it indicts non-belief or disregard.  No one gets it free, says the king, except God says you get it free through me and then you’ll see.

I’d rather not go there on this, this isn’t my natural personality to intrude on peoples lifestyle choices, no I don’t want a soul to go through bad time, but yea its not cool if one person believes and has to sacrifice and another doesn’t believe and gets what they think is that extra freedom or vantage over Christians in a smug entitled way.  Right now, with my current time I would maybe choose to perish as my honest best decision on continued existence, that time here on earth isn’t really fascinating or genuine as could be the case of boring heaven living, but the gospel doesn’t really leave things out that help with better time.  It provides enough total thought that you shouldn’t worsen your penalty by making fake the largest religion that obviously has many good people and two spiritual prophetic types (those who meditate on doing it right, those who meditate on the extra colors while doing it right enough); doesn’t an idiot keep doing things idiotically to their own form of harm?  You’re more justified to not instigate Christianity, you’ll even be justified – even as a person apart from the law of Christ on earth – during judgement, if so to not strike back at a deserving off Christian when the encounter inevitably occurs.  Off proclamation Christians still exist, even today, even after the once holy power stigma of the past has now become modernly shattered from what once was (we’ve progressed beyond preventative ideology due to the exposure of social advancement allowances), occurring before our very eyes in 2019 via sacrilegious liberal social antichrist prophetic objective and false prophet storyline coverup.  Prophecy and false prophecy is before your midst!   

Even if you deem it as a 50-50 risk that the God of the bible is real and made things as he did for things to playout as they have and are foretold to of occurred in the communitive way it reads, that even with how it is defended each particular way during each era, during each insurgent timeframe, that even then all things considered (regardless of the largest religious association being any sort of factor at all), you still consolidate your reasoning the other way from the 50% belief factor decision <as high as 50% due to a comprehension that if God created the earth He’d have deceived us if the top selling bible of eternal threat (or hope) placed into mankind’s hand doesn’t win as true, or the karma god(s) of the human mind also tricked us contrarily as the higher powers still responsible for the existence of humans that have been made disposable due to bloodshed and less further instruction which may be the case of other spiritualities or religious practices> and disbelieve it’s true reality and the realness of its miracle based storyline—nevertheless, it isn’t strong or smart to get beefed up against Christianity for your own sake all things considered, as it goes with survival.

Why take things the other way like it gets you off or clears your name from its forced decision, when it may only hurt your total existence accumulation and better wellbeing?  Why play mob boss over someone for a belief that isn’t idiotic, Jesus was said to be hated without cause, are Christians really a threat or deserving of hard play?  We need accrual in life, we need things to satisfy time and meaning and energy, what we don’t need is extra hurdles or burdens placed on each other as though it dignifies you or earns you your stripes.  You are not offering a service to a greater cause to kill a Christian or defeat one in this way or that.  What good is the energy of hating on someone in unison, what good is the comradery of embracing the other eternity if you’re locked up most the day in hell with no cigarettes to share?  No false storyline evades the reality that the bible obligates us to further action.  For 99% of called believers (to even believe is to be called) following the covenant and statutes of the gospel in daily life living are as what Jesus said to be an ‘easy yoke, light burden’ living choice obligation.  To end this prophetic writing IV, embrace accrual with factor of heaven that looks past some of the forms of outer appearance that are really a false measure on the greater scheme of things at hand and to come.

Next up : A two piece  writing that addresses Heaven's schedule in the new age and further dives into the Free Token Enterprise company name and utopia conception.   This will transition into the further details of the Levi 100 writing soon to come that involves regional territory travel with church contacting and mapping.   It may or may not come before the additional definition 'Covenant of Levi' writing that we can include in the re-occurrence of a prophecy test simulation.

Things said plainly

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Feb 4 2020 V

February 4th 2020 Prophesying  -  V

If I asked God to think through the minds of other sharpened believers on self-advice for myself, as to what more could I be doing right now in these cold months of troubled times (myself and worldly discord), I first thought through Jesus who put his call before his life who lived as a man better and more dedicated than I would or ever have been – feeling emotions of the sick as one who mourned with those who lost their loved ones to death, and others going through pain, and the advice I would receive from the other brothers in Christ would be ‘follow people, feel empathy with others struggling, read about real life things and be with and around people and their hardships on earth.’  I agree with that advice, but I’m actually going through the 1,000 year millennium – thinking though the state and implementation of it and I can’t not remember the very relevant saying that was given to Zerubbabel, in the book of Zechariah, that is very prophetically associated to the Revelation witnesses at the time of the very end, a biblical understanding for the need to create the awareness of the acceptance of a call needed in the modern age (when prophets are banned and or stipulated in society by the antichrist) to define the Levi ‘discipled loved’ character & the Elijah return knowing as a modern day responsibility; and the relevant saying I was talking about that makes me more lazy is said that ‘to whoever has despised the day of small things,’ keep your heads up through the mess of today, better more organized times are on the horizon.  A pair of people (specifically Joshua the priest and Zerubbabel) thousands years ago would be gifted the grace to see the plumb line measure of appropriate living of the future age and give best advice in their time as well.  Yea volunteering counts, small group discussion matters, donating to other charities counts – but we’re being snagged by people bent against the gospel remember (via Daniel the also connected book) in a world when the day is called ‘evil.’

That same knowledge they had, goes into the conduct of how things will be in the 1,000-year millennium transition when pain and tears are washed away (and mankind reacts to that – what, what does that mean? It means you can’t, or better said, no longer need to take on negative moods when longing for better health, vibrance, or time) when the positive healing of the nations occurs (hate is removed) when bad conduct obtrusive to our spiritual well-being is no more.  So the miseries and despair of today are gone, in the 1,000-year millennium when sharing and citizenship is different.  Even dare I say the serving of today that may be deemed ‘small and blind to bigger objective,’ (small isn’t just small, to those entrusted with little much more will be given in responsibility over each small detail that yields large reward ultimately) but what I’m getting at is I’m not as much a spiritual healer or servant to modern day common living.   So I personally choose to despise the extra time right now ‘during these days of small things,’ that is already handled well by others within churches, households, and government (yawning for a real prophecy test with other people to occur), as I don’t get as haught over people suffering as though spending 5 hours a day reading articles or following everyone is the type of service I should be doing.

Yea, if you pray a lot, you have to learn to be witted and objectively complex ‘to not just be repetitive,’ so praying for one and others via a knowing of duplication is what you should do to bless people for increase.   I’m tired of age, tired of misconceptions on the afterlife; my buzz kill of an already wearing mind occurs due to the bible itself that takes life away from full happiness as we ‘earn our stripes,’ so to speak.  I apologize for that, not that anyone really is listening or is even allowed access to view what I’m doing, given the intentional scattering that already occurred (or international).   But the great eternal knowledge of heaven says – when these worldly pains end, when the manmade ordinances evaporate, when the teachings of control are removed by abusive people to the gospel, and we get to look out for and make the best decisions for all people as a one unified nation of only Jews, it makes me not just need to take the first advice and keep reading or following each person; yes I may be sitting back a bit lazy in my writing letting the antichrist spies watch me Daniel beast via the wow video game.  Still fulfilling!  Back to the Scarlet Monastery …   I did this writing to be short and quick (but really bad effort), but written after the first non-published next piece, so not just a non-orchestrated writing blog.  This is ongoing till he comes <fifty parenthesis, or not, and we climate change it up hardcore, end of fifty parenthesis>.   


Next writing is 'I counsel to the council; be refined by gold and fire’ (though I should have said Scarlet Monetary in the last section—they really wire or 'ride' us for play and work, especially Jezebel the seared, but be counseled to know – this time I speak of can be everlasting together).  Reverse psychology the man of lawlessness as the scarlet beast false prophet on his way to an eternity swap.  Free the host!  A deal may be yonder!  Anyhow, in the meanwhile, back to half ass training<-

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