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Feb 25 XII

February 25th 2022 prophesying writing XII 

5th Trumpet and 1st Woe ending

The fact of the matter is the final one Daniel vision about the end of times may never occur due to the Abomination of Desolation, the transgression against organized religion.  Yet the bible does say many people will understand its purpose and teach others, but some won’t pay attention and some may not allow it due to earthly business practices & prejudices.  Ideally this would have been a cooperative effort that many people would have quit their jobs for given the time and matter at hand – but, Satan’s domain may not allow it.  Nevertheless, the 5th trumpet must occur before the next woes can occur so to get this rodeo over with. 

The 5th Trumpet explains a creature not from our creation, locust don’t wear crowns and breastplates of iron with crowns of gold and scorpion tails.  So yea if this occurred most properly, a high end graphic animation play could have been made to fulfill this mysterious passage in the bible.  ‘The anime characters agonized in pain, but new scene and 5 months pass.’  That’s mercy from God in fulfillment.  Sure it’s possible someone could literally now or in the future have had some sort of painful bite in certain areas of the world, that if it lasted 5 months you would long for death no different than a 5 month migraine or 5 month spider bite or poison ivy infection to make you rather die than endure that long of suffering.  Since it’s mythical in description, will just take a short cut and get the 1st woe out of the way with a minute or two clip that time lapses the 5 months of people in agony wishing for death or hell.

The scorpion stings from the tail could be the opposite of sorcery, holy conviction previously not part of the conscious, that is diabolical to ungodly meditation as a torment to each decision (the holy angels torment people in hell for wayward thinking and actions) – whatever needs to happen for this to occur, maybe God won’t be picky.  Regarding the 6th trumpet, that seems more like literal war, with 10 million troops in the colors of China with tanks referenced using the power in the tail to kill people (doesn’t reference locust but different deadly tail), but the end is still not.  Maybe God won’t be picky on that either, if already nation has risen against nation and kingdom against kingdom, where wars and rumors of wars have occurred enough from history up to now, we can plause our way out of that, but I doubt these days.  Pollution, population, and boiling volcanoes make people make decisions.  Regardless of man and weapons or earth exploding, it says the first goes through a tribulation it’s never seen even since the beginning of the glaciers and formation of the land – it burns into nothing along with the spiritual realm before the new heaven and earth.

Writing XI

December 14th 2021 prophesying writing XI 


It would be appropriate for the theme of this writing to reference the shortest verse in the bible, John 11:35. ‘Jesus wept.’  It means he cares.  He cared about those grieving and the other jews watching said, ‘see how he loved him.’ 

How is this prophesying by merely doing a verse analysis? Because of Revelations 19:10 ..For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.  He cared as a friend and brother would, and will forever as he promised.


November 30th 2021 prophesying writing X

Poor man’s defense

We’re not talking about the flashy offense of scoring in sports, or the thwarting jabs of a defense, we’re talking about defense of a subject; sort of like defense verse plaintiff in a courtroom as the defender defends the subject matter for the defendant.  The subject matter today, is regarding defense of the ‘ungodly.’  Why defend godless people?  They care some or passionately, they live free, give, they live to have fun, they work, their often nicer than rude, they have a sense of humor a Christian can’t cling to, they don’t just rule over people not needing extra righteous decrees of power.  Just don’t take a freedom from their life or things may get ugly! 

Romans 4 talks about people who work and receive wages, and people who don’t work and receive wages by an employer.  The word ‘works,’ also means doing good deeds such as volunteering and works don’t give you the gift of grace of eternal life alone, neither do the works of receiving wages.  Romans 4:4-8 ‘Now to the one who works, his wages are not counted as a gift but as his due.  And to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is counted as righteousness, just as David speaks of the blessing of the one to whom God counts righteousness apart from works:

             “Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are


                   and whose sins are covered;

             blessed is the man against whom the Lord

                          will not count his sin.”


So why defend the ungodly, or as the verse states justify them?  It’s not just an easy call to live for eternity with an always selfless loving heart.  By population standards, most of God’s human creations live the best way to pass time and appreciate things and time in whatever gets them by the best.  God doesn’t just say each day is easy, he says it’s a long evil day, one filled with temptation and evil desire from spirits and others out to win their title on paper.  Are the ungodly thereby acquitted of their sins since they get to be justified by heaven’s descendants?  Nope, if the righteous are ‘scarcely saved,’ they sure as hell aren’t making it to heaven.  But at least their appearance of Godliness at times, such as rights for people, for social justice, which is by nature are precepts of God – gives them some credit, but no they won’t go through the process of being saved by confessing through their mouth that Jesus is the truth and way and what not.  Instead they choose to deny the religion conversation about an afterlife and dodge the safety net of the what could be wrath/discipline coming their way for not meeting halfway.  Speculating on heaven by an only son of God is something they don’t need to go there on due to their perception on the matter. 

Let’s not confuse ‘ungodly,’ with ‘unholy,’ as they are two separate terms and peoples.  The bible as hard as it is to decipher at times, is more about defense of some people, ‘spare the fugitive,’ and ‘if you judge, yet you do the same things, you’re condemned yourself for being an unlawful judge.’  Yea an ungodly may commit adultery after being treated like crap by a partner when an opportunity arose, but a righteous person goes to a committee fantasying about an adultery that won’t ever happen unless sparks flew that won’t.  Yet how dare the person being abused choose to get laid?  The unholy commit deceit at a different level.  The bible says you will go out as sheep amongst wolves, but be as innocent as doves yet as wise as serpents.  The unholy commit crimes in society like a serpent and have a different hardening.  For one they attack religion with political influence, bribes, fraud, no unlawful thing they aren’t not capable of, even framing & perjury.  An ungodly doesn’t want people to go to jail to become a CEO, an unholy may do it to get the picket fence life.  At the times of the end, they hold the wages of the mower back by fraud and gather treasures upon treasures, they are against religion and are out to ‘shatter the holy covenant.’ 

Ok back to mowing as the poor man.


October 20th 2021 prophesying writing VIIII


The definition of precept: a general rule intended to regulate behavior or thought.  Not everyone is regulated by additional thoughts, desiring to grasp it more conceptually.  Anyone who is going to heaven is regulated by proper behavior naturally within their hearts, but they may not think further through precepts.  God said in the last days he will pour His Spirit out to all flesh.  His spirit consists of the ‘fruit’ of the Spirit which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, & self-control.  So people who are saved to this eternity have this inside them naturally as the Holy Spirit teaches us why these things are important.  It’s sometimes hard to explain how the Holy Spirit speaks to us.  He (the Holy Spirit sometimes called the Helper) isn’t just a voice like a sound, voice, or spirit we hear in our heads, it’s the voice of truth.  He helps our conscious when making or holding back on decisions, which throughout our lives we’ve grasped through the totality of how the Helper convicts us.

Maybe He chimes in with a voice here or there or helps actions we can’t pinpoint that keep us on our paths, but it’s more so the learning factor within us that is contributed to the Helper.  Why one learns at a different rate or style isn’t always exactly understood (like photographic mind verse this or that introvert or extrovert varying IQ’s), but anyone with the Holy Spirit abides by the rules within the grace of all things regarding the subject matter of entrance to heaven.

So, a precept that intends to further regulate behavior of reactions to additional thought, could be regarding prophecy and prophetic precepts.  A verse says, ‘do not despise prophecy, test everything – know what’s good.’  This was said obviously because some people don’t want to think about prophetic elements of the bible, they don’t do the thought part of the precept.  It’s likely because people are busy good upstanding citizens keeping up with work, family, and life in general. 

The bible says not everyone is given the gift of prophecy, they are given most likely other gifts mentioned to this or that special ability given from above.  But in the last days the most people of all time in any point in history are given the ability to prophesy.  Back during the early church, people were just having to adjust to the basic story of Christ risen on the cross dying for sins.  We’re suppose to do our best to avoid sins, back then it was more ridiculed this or that way, but sins were created to begin with to enforce punishment against the evil doers, ‘it was not laid down for the righteous,’ yet it still reinforces the conduct of the way of God. 

Reading and writing and exposure to more information in the rapid last years up to today, has helped with the prophesying of Joel and Peter in Acts.  Shortly below is a screenshot of both passages, remember Joel is Old Testament written hundreds of years before resaid by Peter in the reoccurring style of the prophetic call of the bible.  You can’t just get somewhere unless directions guide you, you can’t just learn to speak on subjects without research, you probably need passion or spiritual conviction, and prophesying is the start of the decision for people to get there, who now have the ability to all across the world.


Before prophesying, something is instilled in someone to learn things further, often desire for an increased reward in heaven so to please God by making biblical concepts more clear to others and first inside themselves.  For one it says the greatest of the spiritual gifts is prophecy, that also is a motivating factor.  Not every prophet with the ability to prophesy is a letter-of-the-law- seminary-trained-reader-of-every-chapter-and-thought-trained person, some have enough love in them to speak out proper information regarding the duty of now in preparation for the future, confirmed by first the word of God, then confirmed as an affirmation (sometimes over time) by the Holy Spirit.  I’m sure a gentile believer (given a few directions but not church trained with much biblical ties) prophesies in great ways too, but what they say is first backed by the word of God. 


Part of prophecy is the prophetic recurrence style of direction the bible leaves open from one age to the next.  Sometimes prophesying is termed ‘partial,’ information that people pick up differently.  Readers are aware words can be associated differently to different thoughts for different people, who come back to different interpretations afterword but still gained some brain muscle through dedicated effort of discernment. Well, lets take things a step further from the verse above out of Joel.  You could read all the way from the last chapter of Joel 3 and it doesn’t stray away from the day of the Lord and final judgement of all mankind, but whether it speaking reference to locations of the ancient Eastern lands or Christian lands of today, it’s talking about people groups and the deviant actions they are doing.  It’s probably occurred in ongoing various ways throughout all history. 

To reiterate the verses are spoken out to today, not just that many will prophesy, but that God’s judgement is coming against the various actions taking place such as the scattering of the people of God. Judah, Israel, and the mother city of the holy land Jerusalem becomes us today too, whether New York or Istanbul or an entire country.  The people of God are believers in Christ, they were called Jews then, but a Jew then is a Christian now and since heavens capitol is called the New Jerusalem (where Christian’s and gentile believers exist) we have to associate with the terms.  In heaven we are admitted under the twelve tribes of Judah and the starting way to associate identity is as of the people of Judah and Israel.  Anyway, lets go further into Chapter 3.

Joel 3_JPEG.jpg

Sometimes a responsibility of a prophet is to bring awareness to the deceptive practices of the world and to give warning so to convict the world of the righteous judgement of God.  Before we get too hasty in our thinking about an angry God, there are factors that this isn’t just true.  When later in this chapter it says (not in passages above) that it will make Egypt a desolation to be punished, it eventually says ‘I God will be an avenger* for the blood they have done to my people, but an undernote on the passages says ‘or I will acquit their bloodguilt that I have not acquitted.’  This helps remind of the righteous judgement of God, that for some people their actions were as they were, and the ranging wrath of God depends on the decency of people, even if they maligned religion and did things with others in the world less wholesome than the narrow gate of heaven.  


First off, it’s says in those days (‘and in the last days’ – the time of judgement, ‘day of the Lord’ so we’re talking about now. We’re talking about who’s who and what they’re doing to scatter a further coming together of believers.  They cast lots for my people?  Traded boys for prostitutes?  Sold girls for wine?  It means people in the high clefts of society have taught practices throughout the world to take advantage over pegged believers of all types.  Trade a boy for a prostitute; you can only trade something you possess, but things aren’t as transparent as the .01 percent cases of slavery in the world – rather, a system of tracking and ridiculing of a believer’s actions and behaviors occurs, even from a young age you’re compared to the people in the high places and treated oppressively.  A prostitute doesn’t just want to be near this or that type of person, but may not want to be a hater of a clients kids so while having sex with the traded boy’s (of varying ages and years that pass) nearby peer customers, they all can keep distanced and indulge in the allure of the dark things of Satan.  Keep some distance from a believer or this or that type of person (excluding practice) while they together can sin freely in the inner rooms and group up in a language of money, sex, etc.  Sometimes doing false premeditated things to the subject boy, trading information at all levels of the system.


‘Death,’ is a symbolic word in the bible – not just about the after life also called Hades and the Lake of Fire, or about physical death (at the time of the end it says you’re delivered by relatives to ‘death,’ but ‘not a hair on your head will be hurt, to those who endure,’ so you don’t die physically – thus probably a lawless policy of sorts.)  During this ‘Death practice,’ occurring at the time of the end, the ‘sold girl,’ is a reason for a couple haughty or naughty people to chat over wine, probably living the high life.  Hey on a positive note, if we believers of all types across the world are restricted or given heavier burdens in life through deceptive practices of all sorts, at least we can live and work and raise families in a nice advanced world.  ‘We’re at times ‘delivered to councils, governors, kings of this age – and the traded boy and sold girl don’t get transparency about it.’  Your virtual imprint may be recorded and discussed.  This is leading to the next picture of the next writing seen below about a social media operation to fulfill the book of Daniel.

Israel Judah_JPEGa.jpg
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