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Why include information on the antichrist, the group of individuals and entities of the world, out to profane the temple as peoples who are ‘bent against the holy covenant?'  As Daniel says, they must ‘shatter’ the holy mindset of believers worldwide until the power that once was the standard (mature and one together in Christ = refrain & endure) is no longer?  Is there some nobility to this on the antichrist part?  No! Souls are at stake, but time evolves our exposure as it does.

Forgetting our past to look ahead to the future doesn’t erase world wars or exposure to television, even in eternity, so what is happening is inevitable, but they are playing a part in a natural cycle of human development.

How does Free Token Enterprise interpret the verse from 2 Corinthians 6:6-18 that talks about not being ‘unequally yoked’ with unbelievers, yet still include this information front and center on the website?  Are we aiming for partnership or fellowship with lawlessness, like we are all best buddies?  Is it necessary to worry about the affairs of the other eternity in the first place?  Shouldn’t we keep focused on our tasks, the harvest during an allocated timeframe, and continue good conduct as we must, instead of being sidetracked by a conspicuous long-winded false prophecy that creates speculation and a false association to the gospel altogether? 


Yea we shouldn’t be side tracked, we don’t need this Mark of the Beast deal, we can fulfill all things through conception and efforts (or wrong treatment) of what has been done worldwide already.  Even a percentage of deals worldwide that would have been (of buying and selling and additional rights), that didn’t occur because of faith differences contributes into a from of unfairness under the captivity definitions of the Mark of the Beast during the time of the end.  The Christian would have made that deal for you, would have shared with you (theoretically speaking), yet the high places of the world keep their stake and don’t share with the Christian as the example of a lessor defined fulfillment of Revelations in this case.  However, including this option, this highlighted segment of agenda – to create a collection in prophetic fashion, allows a revealed person antichrist to form and have monies (treasures) to run off to Egypt with (as the county faces drought) and allows a further transparency on the interpretation of the word, so it should be a diligence, it should be a true tried test at least. 


Even more, if they or no one decides to partake in this deal, they only condemn themselves further, not only disdaining the gospel as they did before, but spitting in the face of a money gain (his father before him had no wealth) or recognition (which he seeks wanting the best story of stories), as ones that forfeit their souls ‘indignant and ignorant’ to the furthest degree not to partake.  Someone should comply, some group should be okay with this (from agnostic to atheist to different religion) you would think – but who knows.  I’m sure things are in motion in some fashion, they (the antichrists) accomplish a feat with terrorism too!   Regarding the verse first mentioned, it means normally we don’t include 666 antichrist stuff on something that is supposed to be associated to the holy covenant, not supposed to take pride or elation in shameful stories that are funny, not supposed to malign expectations of debauchery, etc.

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