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REVELATIONS 8:7  'The first angel blew his trumpet, and there followed hail and fire, mixed with blood, and these were thrown upon the earth.  And a third of the earth was burned up, and a third of the trees were burned up, and all green grass was burned up.'                                     

Trumpet Blue
Significant interpretation & direction
  • Trumpet 1 of 7, that fire zone or fire should cover one third the earth (fulfillment can include its own criteria, if parables and riddles are allowed, God could, if He wanted, use a map of just a territory on the earth as an example to always execute and remind us to see the time as short). 

  • Keywords: Always expand words that connect additional connotation.  Blood, fire, are the first two that are used in the linguistic language of the bible that tries and makes us discern further according to its style.  Prolonging to the final state of human affairs and emotions, sorcery hailstones fall from the angelic realm, the earth's inhabitants are more enraged at a trigger point when time and exposure and reaction fills more blood feud between us, etc.  Global warming supports the literal fire element here. 

  • That angels deem a third of the world practicing dead (perish & dark), bringing 'fire judgement' against entire areas, the tasks of angels & man to discern.  Man see's fire & drought & zoning pictures, angels know & evaluate human conditioning. Messengers send not a message if you receive nothing but a perish meditation cycle & conditioning effect, though a hail harsh viewpoint from a death angel may be received.  At the time a third of the territory was spiritually practicing dead, literal fire & drought was at X amount.  The increase in temperature, fire, warnings of famine are a sign enough to see the blend of this all.  

  • During the 7 trumpets that the angels in the heavenly realm activate to finalize mankind, a combination of spiritual visuals & literal occurrences are always taking place here on earth requiring us to react and conditioning us to our final states of assessment.  Our spiritual practice in the flesh is being tracked & categorized within the masses fulfilling the pending requirements.  Say at 97% hardening God is ready to give the go - even if the 5th of 10 categories of people spiritual tendency is only showing 42% threshold of ‘vain sins,’ and the angels tracking this 5th category may think a vacation is far off (that their department is indicative more than the weight and impact of other divisions) but the Father knows 42% is 100% at the 97% overall trigger; angels & even Jesus, are kept on proper edge waiting for the go-ahead.  Surely there are divisions of angels keeping up with their requirements; the Father initiates.

  • We are to clue ourselves in to all things that hint at fulfillment being done before us and balance life and prophetic interpretations.  Remember God who created the spirit in man, has 7 spirits that most represent Himself with varying differences of reaction and response.  It may also be, in hell’s realm of destruction practice, also in the spiritual realm executing how they do, to be similarly part of their reactive criteria essence.  We know 7 more evil & powerful spirits come back after someone cleans their intentions off their initial evil spirit hindrance addiction, going on to a worsening state in a perpetual cycle (settling), then accord at the end will be 'cold.'  A mainstream example could be 'the 7 sins,' take memory or decisions away from people leaving a world at our fingertips but less fellowship, now with people satisfied differently than the decades before when things were new differently.  Don't need each other!    

  • By the time we get to the 5th & 6th trumpets, it appears we start to embrace the prophecy test window & spiritual fulfillment objectives that allows a further measure of the churches practice & willingness to associate prophetic into the equation. Graphics may help clarify the explanations of things around us.  The 4th trumpet could be an eclipse that occurs before the 5th (that ends the 1st woe).

  • Part of the objective always, is to properly find a captive scenario & spiritual teaching approach (given transparency on Mark of the Beast), manifesting this reality 'to those with ears why we are being trampled and in captivity,' but to always evade physical and literal captivity recurrence.  The nations may hate Christianity to the end, as we battle each other or the maligning of sold Christians lives on.

  • It appears, to increase awareness and knowledge and belief, to accommodate a proper before and after plan, we should find out how to fulfill using modern technology means as well through this.  The 5th trumpet makes more sense to be associated to a graphic funding (see bullet point below) that is accomplished at the beginning or midpoint of the 2nd woe needing to be done before Revelation witness martry deaths.  Time won't be exact, but we should address the visuals they saw that seem animation like.

  • 5th Trumpet language:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The relayed vision by John on Patmos stated that locusts like horses prepared for battle with crowns of gold & hair like women, with teeth like lions & breastplates of iron, & not only that, but with wings & scorpion tails is much to say intuitively in the word of God.  In this age it could be attributed to a graphic effort, or very well only a spiritual realm collage of heavenly timing, yet to us in action, it’s a feasible & relevant thing to create in the proposal.  Even if Jesus fails literally to come by the end of the generation test period, we accomplish a prophecy to pass one way or the other (he will return) and avoid a future third of mankind killed that occurs in the 6th trumpet likely via war.  As things playout, we in the now have the means to create, simulate, articulate, evaluate, and make a scene that could be explained via animation.  See look it happened and that didn't happen literally.

  • Also note, the word ‘kill or killed,’ like fire & blood, is a biblical connotation word, as noted in bullet point 2 & 3.  Remembering the 6th trumpet is tied to the 5th for a graphic detail proposal, we also need to know that the 10 million (well 10,000 times 10,000) troops are stated to slay a third of mankind. 

  • We are to embrace words and objectives to further approaches of the word that at times increases in complexity, to further its credible practice by addressing all the material head on.   

  • The holy place, the place where he ought not stand, allows a connective element to our virtual capabilities to be further tested  - just like Jerusalem is now Zion worldwide outside the original territories, this helps to tie a virtual modern element into the equation through this all (goes with a broadcasting requirement plan to set in place for fulfillment awareness of Matthew 24, Mark 13).  Jesus did not return to preach on the mount of Olives before an earthquake during the Holocaust, so a designated person (doesn't have to be a witness but white horse rider) initiates an 'I am he in the holy place' protocol (even without NASA verification) so Judea can do a code flee to the mountain area of choice (only percentages will decide to prophetically).  It could be 3.5 days after deaths on the street, when 7k Jihads bring their gifts to test it out.  But a final time is opened then (initiating a 3.5 days no church feat), so to count days (a random number I found while testing things was 1337 which is two days off, Jesus could know one hour off) and allow the Judea flee differently.  Many sequences and protocols can be evaluated on these specifics.

  • Even if Jerusalem physically, in the prophetically called modern day reference is referred to as 'Sodom & Egypt' in practice (Jews didn’t convert and now practice Sodom and not Gomorrah but Egypt) at the time of the Revelation woes, it still likely means Jerusalem Israel - where the prophets die - can still be the actual place of final fulfillment.  Even if we lead things up to establish a holy place via online host, all things are evaluated and blended in their knowing’s and associations in this large project.

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In all ways, spiritually, literally, virtually, symbolically, allegorically, the modern age allows an offensive prophecy to be less offensive 'even if the nations hold out' as the total scope of this is both an accommodating plan & fair initiative of the future! ​


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