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Wandering Star


She huffs slowly into the meditation of her mind looking at each object on the website.  A voice from within may stir her emotion.  Sucking in the wind of sound into her essence she looks at the woman become her temporary idol, that will speak back into the thoughts of her mind..


In a her he (rb) voice she stirs a con-flux of coming reality saying ‘who, I, is, how’ (with variances of utter) and the words come to her.  She says to herself, who is the star [pause] light of.. the... moon?


     Starlight women responds, ‘you.’

                                               Additional Notes:

                                     (rb) means hermit the frog 

                                wandering star's won't know anyway

                                   Don't idol to too much self glory!

Ruin, evade, no symbol requirement

Where is her angelic given symbol of authority, worn on her forehead?

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