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Trumpet 2:  'The second angel blew his trumpet, and something like a great mountain, burning with fire, was thrown into the sea, and a third of the sea became blood.  A third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.'

If each soul is separated according to a classification, then leading up to the final events, the differences of each person become manifested to react differently to the gospel in a particular way.  We are either inclined to take its offer, or look to decline.  In the decades leading up to the final end, we didn’t have to go there as much.  But to do so may create ‘blood,’ and a third of the people are ornery.  Another third aren’t blood but lukewarm could be the case not making the passage reference.  The other third represent ‘a mountain of people defending the fire authority of the gospel,’ etc.  So even if this is about a major thing coming from the sky with impact, before that occurs people will be conditioned.  As stated to the left or voice video below, a mountain means a group of common association, blood means people will act more spiritually offended or offensive.  It seems something will disrupt a large quadrant of water but sea means population even if a comet lands in the water.  The verse makes sense as it should, if we’re told the final days needed to be cut short or else we would all have died and not seen the return, then just before we are separated and judged, our conditioned states likely reflect the symbolic reference of this passage as well (comet might not have been recognized as a word yet as well back then).   So, regardless of the vision being about a coincidental clip of modern electricity seen while relaying the words (touched upon in the video), it means a measure occurs and leading up to things people’s natural stances and reactions will be defined by the biblical spiritual word usages of the passage.

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Side Note: Symbolism is used on many occasions taking a word into a new context. 'Blood' can mean violence against your neighbor and 'bread' can me sustaining knowledge and sea can mean population.  Mountain is at times explained to mean 'kingdoms and nations of people.'

Other prophets, maybe some of the 7,000 believers that didn't bow their knee to Baal, may have seen glimpses of the future not yet confirmed of technology and human effort that helped them keep hope and pass through their dated time and life scenarios.  A dream in the modern age can’t really outdo special graphics, a dream to them was likely an additional indication.  Maybe the ancestor of a future engineer in the modern age saw a vehicle manufacturing process occurring before the dream ended with vehicles going 'to and fro.' 

In the spirit of optimism for fulfillment - to make Revelations less foreign by not only talking symbolic word analysis or literal this or that must be occurrence - the picture below notates only a theory, but the theory comes from the coincidence of the night before the next day seeing a symbol in a movie.  Maybe stuff like that occurred to them thousands of years prior.   Say the angelic realm can spur additional inquiry if thresholds of mass viewers hit 10 million in this or that kind of intuitive way, or images (like Hiroshima) went deep into mankind’s attentions on this or that, that the angel project managers decided to place into the memory (via dream or visions) of people catching clips or thoughts from the 'spiritual airways,' who got some extra perception this or that way for this or that purpose.  The theory in affect has no time continuum with the past, given in my example I saw something a day before it occurred in the movie.  They saw and explained visions of things zooming, flying, shiny and flashing, great visuals beyond their current photography and calligraphy, they saw things that could correlate to today and were specifically said about the end.  They may have needed the excitement, given the restrictions all around them compared to modern convenience and capability.

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The Seven Seals

The seals are occurring within the time lapses of the 7 trumpets manifesting.  Seal 2 doesn't just occur at the same simple time as trumpet 2.  The angelic realm out complexes our human micro knowing, especially with them (the angels) having to do interpretations and spend time doing work.  Nevertheless, I'll start on seal 2.


  'When he opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, "Come!"  And out came another horse, bright red.  Its rider was permitted to take peace from the earth, so that people should slay one another, and he was given a great sword.'

The context we are working on, is creating terms and symbolic language as part of human progress within biblical literature - to make it more true this way, than to just practice common assembly.  If the Lord came not to bring peace but a sword, or in Luke referred as fire that causes division (even between families who 'put each other to death,' it is a spiritual 'slay' term usage but no literal mortality) as the angels are spending long hours measuring mankind's mental practice as these seals are being accomplished closer each and every single day.  Large scale deaths likely won't occur.  Some people may be spiritually dead however.

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During the 2nd seal, the bright red rider ‘takes peace from the earth, so that people should slay one another, and he was given a great sword.’  This means a greater recognition becomes manifest in our minds towards some of the modern ‘lawless’ practices.  Unwritten codes are deceitfully allowing a more contrary neighborly living state to occur in society that thwarts Christian gentleness.  This second seal has to do with a large portion of the earth following a practice that allows more indecency to occur between us all.  The angels are teachings us to be rude to each other (as we naturally are exposured and must discern visuals and time) and it might mean we miss a real conversation or dinner outing being too straught.

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