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Summary Analysis with dated USA Today article below

There is much material regarding prophecy and the bible on the various websites you have access too.  How much people retain or agree with or associate to is dependent on various levels of commitment or ways they are guided to come to learn these things.  The bible does not leave out any sort of writing variance, the book of John says Now there were also many other things that Jesus did.  Were everyone one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written,’ in that information must be formalized, direct, said for purposes – and a variance style within the word here is an exaggeration of sorts, given it is possible to record a 33-year old life in a micro tracking input kind of way with the large data storage capacity we now have with technology (also since everything is recorded mind and tongue by spiritual realm especially; but don’t fret about excessive details of past and present yourselves as we humans are of the same nature and the devil crosses the line to everyone).  So George Floyd, an African American who was treated mean by the police and was killed, died and subsequently news coverage captured ‘rebellion’ and ‘destruction,’ though I won’t go there on defining destruction or making them mix and match here.  People stand up for a cause and the safety of the future, definitions aren’t exact. 
I believe more than not, prophets of the past, particularly Paul who wrote about the rebellion in Thessalonians, got some sort of news coverage media vision in a dream (as stated elsewhere within the websites you have access to) so the looting and fires and things we are witnessing with mass shootings all coincide with these prophetic occurrences happening (coverage of rebellion mobs or mass chaos) before our very eyes at end population time.  I wrote my plaintiff viewpoint on the tragedy of his death here (for side reading), but I'm not into penalty against others, though justice may have a cry become loud enough for everyone if things are done bad enough unjustly.  On the news the other day, a positioned member of the church said something along the lines that it’s 'antithetical' to dive too much into punishment (the Lord isn't just an avenger via the rulers of this age), so I’m done accusing on the matter and will let forms of justice play out, I personally don’t like touching anything that has to do with capture.  So we’re at a week straight of protests with some violence and it’s during a horrible pestilence making matters even worse.  I wanted everything to end when my life hit 33 years, I tried for it starting at 25 starting by imitating Paul to guide me on things I can do or say or learn, now I’m 35 and I’m just gonna chill as everything is to contaminated and I’ll suffer through time like many other people during a cold time of unsettled situation.  
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