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The New Testament left this as an outstanding item requiring proactive effort during a 'time, and times, and half a time.'                                       



PART 1 'Clarifying the end'
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The rest of this page talks of a 'Jeremiah allotment' where we are creating time to institute a prophetic agenda.  The picture diagram below, helps remind us to see regular standard decisions by like minded people, taking priority into action endorsed by God in us, deciding through the knowledge He instituted from within our spirits.  He 'perceived,' 70 decreed.


Starting the conversation  to clarify all that is to come, as with everything there are always steps and approaches you go through along the way, but lets start to narrow the focus and define the reality in a more confined & generalized way.  Listen to this audio clip that helps to set the tone for additional in depth analysis of the bibles prophetic language upon us! 

70 becomes a relevant number, even in a different scenario.

They  had the adventure of writing the word of God, they  learned it  and got access to each others findings and writings.

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November 20th 2018 Screen Voice Recording

It takes processing things through standard implied scenarios of regular reasoning.  Being in a situation of captivity, Jeremiah found God’s decision that would appease hostility and create future initiative of belief.  It went with the logic that no captivity (or in this case signs of Jerusalem losing its territory in 1947 as 'the generation that won't pass after these things take place') should not outlast a lifetime.  I'm sure he thought first, it could be decreed as 40 years like Moses and the Egyptian exile in the wilderness.  Also, Isaiah said likely before Jeremiah

decreed it – that 70’s years, ‘the life of a king’ is a conversation & discussion; a reflection they would have had with each other regarding these things.  Daniel wrote ‘Jeremiah perceived in the books of the law,’ that it would be a 70-year duration.  Thus Daniel knew of Jeremiah and more probable than not Isaiah was known by them both as well.  Most likely king David before them (or the Psalms writer of 90:10) was the material he referenced to perceive this decision, to ‘test if it will come to pass.’  Jeremiah said the softest most logical thing to King Nebuchadnezzar & it became influence.  Sometimes we like to hocus pocus the decisions of the past like they weren’t at times common sense leadership approaches, but rather make everything that occurred a more distant ‘from the hand of God.’  God would agree many things are done through Him that He would attribute to Himself after they occur, but would never fail to remind us we are responsible for proper decision-making being aware of the material and things that should be addressed.  Direct intervention is rare, don’t forget it!


Additional Note:  The point is, television and broadcasting and the expanse of the media made aware the signs referenced in the bible so that this generation, at a pivotal point in history (Jerusalem surrounded by armies) knew these things would not outlast their grandchildren before the coming of Christ.  The mass awareness of electronics makes us more fully aware, unlike sole reliance on conversations or books in the past.  The timing of all things at hand creates extra urgency to see the end like it asks from us with exclamation points!   We get to test this..

Prophecy Actualization in our midst: The 'rebellion,' is a referred to state of time within bible prophecy; for more on this visit the electronic communications modern day coverage of the rebellion here..  

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