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These end time signs are nothing new (famines, pestilences, violence & war, terrors from heaven have occurred throughout all our history) unless we further reason with the increased significance of the times at hand.  Yes they appear on most accounts to be increasing, but the main thing to factor on why they still hold significance is because of the reach and literacy knowledge of today’s technological increase.  During the generation back in the 40’s, it said after you see these signs not one generation will pass – during WWII, it happened that radio and TV took off – so the spread of news information and knowledge started in that generation to become readily available.  You’re not an outcast to think things could get worse, even so much that humans ultimately play their own demise, whether climate natural disasters or war.

It also says people will be fainting with fear (not all people) with what is coming to the world.  You can tell a storm is coming with dangerous red skies, or plainly observe the current state of the earth and skies, but hypocrites don’t harden your necks to the possibility of things outside your current daily routines, such as the return of Christ (says Jesus).

Look at our current pestilence situation, maybe not the largest death rate of all time – but it’s been ongoing.  This was first written end of 2019 beginning of 2020 and there were less than 100,000 deaths in America, now it’s over a million and we may not get out of the 4th winter in a row.  Thus we are witnessing via worldwide up to date information the prophesied current sign of pestilence upon us.  Regarding the foreboding affect that we are at speaking of the end of days on earth, it says brothers you’ll be aware, also most likely the wicked won’t be, eating and drinking, marrying and giving in to marriage, buying and selling, like the days of Noah when no one saw it coming and only the family of 8 survived.

Early Article on C-19 February 2020 -

Pestilences 360_JPEG.jpg
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