Remember people there is both a new Jerusalem and a new earth.  The new Jerusalem is a square with all sides 12,000 stadia which is equivalent to 1,380 miles.  One stadia is 607 feet.  The total square area is length times width which is 1,380 X 1,380 = 1,904,400 square miles.  It alone is nearly 19 times larger than Wyoming.  The continental United States is 3,119,885 square miles.  Its walls are 144 cubits which is 216 feet tall.  A cubit is 18 inches.


‘And the one who spoke with me had a measuring rod of gold to measure the city and its gates and walls.  The city lies foursquare, its length the same as its width.  And he measured the city with his rod, 12,000 stadia.  Its length and width and height are equal.  He measured its wall, 144 cubits by human measurement, which is also an angel’s measurement.’ 

Utopia intro conversation:

Paul was so eager to defend the poor; the poor get what they get according to the bible and we aren’t supposed to boast in our work or works which pay and provide us our due. We aren’t supposed to only expect certain defining factors of expectation over all people in this world as the evaluation definition.  Contrary attitudes we have at times can occur when we are snide to the poor (regardless of work), suing others, or allowing anger bouts over money.  These are not the Christian way! 


The reaping we receive for daily sowing efforts we do in our daily work is becoming universally nominalized.  How so?  Well see the chart below.

Minimum wage annual salary = $20,800 per year working 20 hour per week at $20 dollars per hour – doing the jobs that would otherwise pay less, keeping utopia resources at expectation levels.  The extra hours of the day are heavily pushed for exercise, healthy meal days, and proper accord.  Substance usage needs to be at your personal expectation level.  (1 token policy)


To all those not receiving minimum wage salary, even if it’s less appealing of a deal – here are your income numbers, the taxes you pay to the federal government (see 2019 Income Tax Brackets here), along with the ‘charitable poor donations’ (CPD) that are mandatorily deducted from your annual income – as after-tax deductions, think of it as the modern-day tithe.  You want a token?  Not unless your initial gross income meets the threshold!  The utopic state of Occupy Wyoming currently has no state income taxation. 

utopia income chart_JPEGa.jpg

So in this utopia conversation that is a theme to the company name, we begin to evaluate why tokens can be a tool to see sharing and eternal living better.  I’m not restricting numerical values in heaven through this, but I am giving future thoughts and life reminders through this demonstration of the money being capped in our current earth scenario.   Personal Annual Income Cap lowered to $666,666 reminds us to not let money meditation run our lives (the number of man is 666 associated to those who worship the image of the beast). 


INITIAL DETAILS:  Minimum wage is increased universally to $20 per hour with a minimum and maximum work requirement of 20 hours per week over 3-6 days per week, with 20 days PTO and fully tax exempt (equates to net of $23,101.88  with no CPD).  Depending on people unable to work such as disabled or elderly, there may be some CPD for people at the minimum wage salary.  If a person decides not to work, even refuses, he gets his $23,101.88 and is not taxed, but doesn't get the important first token 1.  Government paid healthcare and insurance (all forms) with bank interest savings only, no stock market.  Everything is resource upkeep, people aware of ongoing necessity expectation for all workers.  There could be a merge between the financial industry and gambling industry on inheriting or losing tokens of different values.  Scaling pricing in the marketplace requires resources of great effort, and an undisclosed token 21 goes to the top 1-3 percent of submitted and verified earners.