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Regional Correspondents

Making material.  Implementing the prophetic. The time is before us!

To take on an approach, it requires awareness and discipline.  We are to be aware of spiritual fulfillment as an objective, where sackcloth isn’t literal apparel with ashes and weeping like those in the state of the past who suffered through the forewarning of knowledge pointing at the impending risk or doom at or around the corner.  Today, what it means, is to believe the return will occur within a lifespan of the generation that witnessed the holocaust.  It would counter intuitive to say after 10 years of taking this role (or 9 or 8 depending on all the tasks of setting this up) to say you get $70,000 X 10 for some sort of end of prophecy test retroactive pay.  I used a themed number that is the largest small or smallest large number for a job that may be a big pay deduction.  Instead, we don’t get to obtain.  Travel and proper technology.  Company card and be mindful of each other’s practices.  Will start with a company spreadsheet that categorizes the different 100 people that isn’t a top priority to complete right now. 


How do you connect say 365,000 USA church congregations to participate by allowing (depending on membership size) 2-10 people to participate into the million witnesses?  As daunting as it may seem to accomplish, with technology it could be done as fast as it needed to be if it was about doing it fast.    

Inside the book there are some projections and upfront expectations, along with forecasting the process of gaining the million social media tribal profile users that will take a dedicated effort by all 100 Levite correspondents.  A few representatives should be experts in insurance and business practice, will need a system of treasury approval, a trust, and even a CFO titled position (even if it’s only internal) and a way that once we get things together, the connected churches will get say and play with this ongoing operation.  The revenue from the book sales, subscription fees, interactive software and church dashboard devices, can be the lighthearted comparison to the modern collection (that goes with and creates the virtual temple theme) that isn't much different than the fundraising efforts already established in the working world.  Should this initiative become part of church sermon or syllabus?  It should be down played enough to explain why prophecies pass, with a more narrow approach on the prophetic end – that even to start with, modern technology contributes to fulfillment (both sorcery & good knowledge) while a Revelations 11 witnessing effort still has yet to be made more aware of.     

Additional upfront factors of relevance



Mark of the Beast fulfillment requires interpretation and even some working relationships with antichrists.  EAUTO has access to the million participants with calendar contacting dates of their own, to generate projections, green energy revenue, maybe even graphic outsourcing to FTE, along with establishing future accord with vehicle manufacturers, learning any marketing and ways to increase company value.  The participants, while not enslaved to strict spending requirements, should take a slight degree of purchase scrutiny into their outlook through this, so to spend money willingly for this counts as a way to not love money and their lives unto death, where a forced future purchase follows through with a form of purchase restriction - not to mention a collection mindset, to not need the value of every penny in my power. 


The scope of the prophetic word can't be neglected as sometimes Christ requires forms of sacrifice for purposes we can't always explain to every last detail, but with the covenant and making His own son suffer and go through temptation thoughts, it means the discipleship 'worthy of me,' renouncement motto gets more made of during a sackcloth awareness time, reminding of the rapidly approaching new horizon.  FTE as a separate entity needs the participants to have an awareness apart from the 'buying and selling,' lifestyle.  We are increasing scrutiny against our earthly liberty, yet we still must live, spend, and survive in the times. 

​While compared to millionaires and billionaires with much more ability to buy and sell, with the primary portion of the participants being associated to the medium income common wealth, this effort though a fulfillment attempt helps to remove some Revelation stigma where gentiles would discredit the cover to cover bible and thus take home the takes homes differently to some degree (creating nicolaitan religious practice definitions) more or less.  Some of the current unaddressed or vague material such as the Mark of the Beast,  or the king wars, the end time visions, & the man of lawlessness revealing (who can carry off the gods and idols and treasures of Egypt) will be healed through this.  This call of Christ before us, always reminding us in the hope we have of the future, more than spending in the now, is displayed by this operation.

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