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The defense states that the decision to put George Floyd on the ground was authorized through standard police protocol.  While Floyd did not resist arrest, he allowed possible escalation to occur, thus allowing the further protocol of detainment to happen.  The prosecution believes the standard police protocol is excessive force, stating that the requirement to further detain in this situation shows liability on behalf of the trained officers required to gauge and be prevalently aware of total threat during handcuff and officer to suspect ratio.  Further accusation shows the weight load put on Floyd while on the ground was liable to an excessive force charge with potential rivalry motive and disallowed behavior that went into that action, not factoring in the human element of terror that goes with arrest and the severity of stress load to begin with that goes into the incapacitation process during an arrest.  It’s one thing to squash an animal under your shoe, it's another thing to squash a human at the epitome of time and reaction, even if Floyd initially fell to the ground on purpose and or reacted in an exasperated plea response during the delayed final full submissiveness.  If a person is arrested against a belief, you would permit yourself to increase penalty potential against the enforcer; so full submissiveness ‘caught red handed and played nicely only’ isn’t necessarily a prerequisite.  If say one percent of currency is counterfeit, if say the average counterfeiting penalty is 1-2 years depending on state statue (or less down to misdemeanor factoring ongoing timed decision) the human made a normal life decision.  The officer also made a normal life decision to become a police officer to begin with, to prepare himself to fight criminals and go through due process of arresting people for a wide range of potential causes.  The penalty of the accused police officer for 3rd degree murder or manslaughter furthers in a case by case scenario based on a few initial evaluation criteria’s.  Such as the level of rivalry within the police force, implying that some standard rivalry within meditation and language is allowed in order to systematically be within a system that fights against body size and weapons.  If the officer showed faulty behavioral conduct in his daily life character worse than the average thresholds within the hiring and ongoing police force, the excessive force liability charge increases.  The factors of a ‘depraved mind,’ during the plaintiffs accusation of ‘excessive force,’ within 3rd degree murder violation statute for unlawful death, comes down to basic evaluation of abusive relationship behavior and tendency, conduct with other officers, conduct in standard life situations where all hearsay statements and communications can further accuse the suspect for the mandatory minimum sentence.  Not that this is relevant, but Floyd may have made his first mistake to counterfeit to begin with, or with some reason of decency, weighted the decision to use counterfeit money with levels of sane justification (speeding is worth a ticket at 9 miles per hour over the limit, so is this life verse the alternative options).  Floyd potentially made the decision that if caught to begin with, he would deem it correct, to get an indecent act against an officer caught on camera, where the officer could then be accused for say throwing an extra elbow during the arrest, by utilizing slightly slower movement and no derogatory language.  However,  when caught in the act of an action, full actualization doesn’t always allow standard premeditated response or action.  Further less relevant factors are comparing unemployment and state funded poverty payment, decisions of time and usage of substances, decisions of tax evasion, the things that go into justification to say sell a drug (such as marijuana) or use a counterfeit bill that essentially allows person A to live like person B within society for equal option. 


As for the charge of 3rd degree murder or manslaughter, the plaintiff requests all Code of Minnesota 3rd degree murder and manslaughter cases over the last 5 years to be analyzed and summarized.  The duration of the penalty if found guilty should not be a significant difference altogether, however if Derek Chauvin is an innocent human being the penalty and charge may be too severe.  However excessive police force and or brutality is likely worse than standard violence on the street. 

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