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Last Notate: 3/7/19


While trying to get everything polished up, to look professional enough for either publishing or contacting – these are some of the technical difficulty spats I’m dealing with, that I should probably make note of prior to doing the other tasks I still need to get to.


Right now I’m using two different editors and I’d prefer to keep it that way.  But I’ll have to sacrifice one way or the other because wix doesn’t have as good of a vertical menu as what I’m getting at freetokenenterprise.com through weebly.  I also like the animal theme and layout exactly how it is, even if I choose the template from the beginning and was filling space to begin with.  The problem is there is no control over mobile view updates.  I want the mobile view turned off but according to weebly policy because it’s an ‘interactive themed page, ’it doesn’t give the option to do so (feels like a new thing because I had control in the past but maybe over a non-interactive theme).  Weebly has nice crisp pages, well laid out but more restrictions & less options.  I don’t want to copy a webpage from weebly to wix (not that I could copy their webpage from a copywrite kind of way perspective) and then see a worse vertical menu.  Wix is having issues with with horizontal menu hover line clicks (have to just use web page manage input otherwise), though I could do a standard menu but I like the weebly style in about three vantage ways over just a pop up or gray hover menu page option like what wix could offer.


As for FTEMONEY, I still have the same issue with no mobile control, though the mobile site view seems better than the Free Token Enterprise mobile view.  I only want desktop because I think that’s the better attention to this type of following, so it’s just easier for me if I didn’t have to waste a chunk of time doing something for less results.  But how professional does it look to have a bad mobile site, or no option to do desktop only?  The other issue with weebly, is when you hit menu it requires you choose one small icon on the bottom.  Whether it be a social media icon, or some RSS feed option, the problem is while it allows you to add as many as you want, you can’t remove them all, the last one has to stay up which I don’t need.  I don’t need to link referral to myself in a professional ‘bank insurance like’ web page, so I resorted to a mail envelope icon that doesn’t go to anything (a wasted pop-up click).  Some of these things I’ve seen before but I don’t like the stigma of not just finishing things off.  I’d like more options in the footer as well.  Right as you’re about to get about 90% or so confidently done, there’s this lingering knowing that people impression will dismiss the totality of these websites right off the get go by these technical difficulties so to speak.


As for the twitter feed, it’s a bit big the entire page could get shrunk maybe more than it is, but I paid for a yearly subscription through @powr and apparently you have to just use each editor with one purchase so right now I’m just doing it free on FTEWORLD.com.  The other issue with wix is shifting on the webpages, pictures are moving, not to mention sometimes the bottom footer gets slid low for blank white.   Also at times, just like weebly, the text doesn’t update correctly and it creates a stall in the productivity.  In fact right now I can’t even change the color in the text so I just hit publish!  Getting more difficult with login fails and no cellphone, contacting in the first place with cell phones is never a guarantee let alone this scenario.  I also got a picture to go over the logo but it continually keeps getting moved, it worries one that people are logged into your editor making changes unproductively.  In fact look at how far the metric updates dropped below it today?  I didn’t even cover it up from last update, but just had the transparent tape touch it. (It’s the difference of a sound comfort in the intactness of the website)  There’s today’s crybaby rant!

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