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The Abomination of Desolation is a real life objective happening.  False prophecy is taking place right now.  You may be against religion like the man of lawlessness, should you participate or gain interest? 

Things become legal as progression and advancement occurs, so does the mind of the modern day human further rationalize afterlife logic more deeper than the Sadducee or short sighted Old Testament minds that comprehend not additional afterlife thoughts due to life time constraint mentalities.  Eventually to stand against or not associate to its belief afterlife ultimatum results in outdated and improvident viewpoint and stances (behind modern rationalization learning curve) that indicts you as the world (and Word) progresses to its final state.  Aged Christians may not have learned it to defend some aspects, but bible bashing was too aggressive along the way as well - completely misaddressing connecting material and social progressive factors.  


Therefore, 'unless you choose false prophecy,' you - via gospel interpretation of end time verses about the man of lawlessness - are indicted as choosing insufficiently not caring about eternal magnitude of living differences.  False prophecy doesn't require exactness or finalized belief in the afterlife but includes itself into the equation apart but never evading from Christianity.  Therefore, the resolve 'or type of faith,' you have for not committing to Christianity isn't as neglectful and includes viable options with financial scenario and some governance into the equation.  He takes actions against the people of the holy covenant, he honors people with money and various prides for his association, he's against religion and knows his twist to be preventative against it.      

Do you see how these verses below imply a viewpoint that says 'for not participating or factoring belief necessity into your reality,' that he is verbally osculated 'spoken of due to implied action or inaction,' and for no action regarding furthering or testing Christianity <as the mind of a gatekeeper shrewd to worldly assessment and decision making aiming to be perched in the high places>, is deemed and or acclimates himself to false prophecy roles, such as the the Blind Shepard, blind in his right eye to religion, using a meditation and approach to maintain control over religion.  You didn't help someone and the bible creates a rhetoric about it, not only that but multiple paragraphs and a false prophecy manifesto about a person who calls it a bluff all the way to the return (after a few hand-offs on final designated person). 

Daniel 11:28 'And he shall return to his land with great wealth, but his heart shall be set against the holy covenant.  And he shall work his will and return to his own land.'
Daniel 11:31  'Forces from him shall appear and profane the temple and fortress, and shall take away the regular burnt offering.  And they shall set up the abomination that makes desolate.'  
Daniel 12:7  '...and that when the shattering of the power of the holy peoples comes to an end all these things would be finished.'    <This means it's an objective of false prophecy to shatter the holy covenant>
Does this make sense?  Jump down and read these important highlighted verses and first lets recognize this is the same referenced person - a person in this modern day that took some viewpoints and vantages and ran with it as a person opposed to the gospel.  Then click the button and jump back to this spot..
Christian perspective: What does this entail, the setting up of the Abomination of Desolation?  It's not just defining social and spiritual stances and formalizing impressions to fit into a definition while desiring to warp it into fulfillment completion, its something that takes an organized effort and needs to be recognized if we have time to do so and don't settle on current vague impressions.  Its one thing for people to have diamond hard foreheads or stiff or haughty necks against region or listening on spiritual afterlife thoughts, but I'm sure there is some strategy additionally that has been developed by people as enemies of Christ (still business handshakes for some) that can do things with some objective more than as people only opposed against. 
Some people more than others make it a meditation to tarnish Christianity, yet many still have decent viewpoints regarding this type of topic.  Some non-believers never get themselves outed in standard living scenarios (where questions of faith can come up), and could be made out less smart otherwise if they don't responsibly address afterlife contemplation - so testing false prophecy may be a decision part of better thoughts and risks for some that put more thoughts into it than others.  The 'wicked' only needs to know the lobbyism side perspective of major topics: regarding this, even with ability to comprehend they won't, the Daniel vision and Thessalonians says 'the wicked won't understand,' as 'God sends them a strong delusion to believe what is false' knowing in advance to the grave they won't go there. But regarding the vision, the 'wise shall understand, and turn many to righteousness' aware a needed modern address of prophetic revealing shouldn't be avoided.  Based from specific words out of Daniel, it helps us to concluded these timed objectives should be an effort at 'the very end of days,' as something that should in fact be dealt with.  I'm guessing this man of lawlessness will not be as wicked as some of his following at the time things transgress and play out; as of now, the holy place isn't established as particular as we could make it for a better teaching and fulfillment effort to occur - this hiccup in manifestation or attempt effort is often hindered by social and television expectations that don't factor or contribute religious association affect.  While Judas is a prophetic example you could associate the two on (potters field of blood and Blind Shepard in a Zechariah linked passages (a book that is supposedly connected at each point in history) but remember man in 2019 can read and associate how to 'devour flesh' this way or that, that can rise as one of the for horns, that scattered a Judah formation, that could become a prophesied role out of Thessalonians - its a person about the end, so retroactive reading and association allows this person to exist.  Judas betrayed an innocent human onto death being a witness to miracles first hand, a more extreme scenario.  The man of lawlessness, on the other hand, creates a stance 'bent against religion,' and can be justified differently (if justified at all) to remain idle to the fullest transparent Christian practice.  
Part of their (antichrist) agenda is to show disregard to the gospel, and better regard for money and practice in the world; better to live for now than take an aged gospel predicate and approach that is too widely scrutinized they would say.   Besides defining the abomination that makes desolate (it must be some group act apart from the gospel in some dedicated way or effort at the time of the end) we need to define the words 'destruction,' 'lawlessness,' and 'death.'  This person is referred to as 'the man of lawlessness, the son of destruction,' so we should dig further what this implies - does he represent the word destruction and lawlessness or does it just surround him by his action or inaction's?  Another word 'death,' is a widely used symbolic word that needs additional specifications.  If these words aren't further described, there is misaddressed elements to interpretation that we shouldn't settle with, where the current final explanations aren't enough.  It will require we go through things in motion and cycles.  The bible describes time periods at the time of the end out of Daniel and Revelations said as a 'time, times, and half a time,' to buy time or allow us learn more, often said in 42 month duration's or said as 1,260 days or 3.5 years.  The months of 'blasphemy' go with the practice of the Abomination of Desolate, which occurs as a 'roadblock out there that is a transgressing ticking time clock prior to the final vision' that contributes to things not being done more formalized and unified.  Is it a desolate decision to not doing anything regarding this?  On both sides of the equation quite likely, its an opportunity for money generation and exposure with future diplomatic resolve options, and something the bible would corner people to do as an effort outside of standard living, that should be done out of reverence of the 1st commandment, opening ourselves to see need for this.   
We also need to recognize the verses below are talking about the same person (from old testament to new) and that no one in any point in history from John on Patmos writing the last New Testament book to now has fulfilled standing in the holy place or 'the place he ought not stand,' up to this point in history.  Nothing has been done in a provocative generally accepted way regarding this (though fulfillment may not require this stunt or act or code precaution run to the mountains if I stand here and do this).  Before getting to far ahead, why could fulfillment be done already and how much could we do better to actualize this?  Past history can always have fulfillment not seen by everyone but this hasn't been addressed or revealed transparent enough.  Modern fulfillment also can always have fulfillment not as recognized as we would like, maybe due to gatekeepers in the way of the final vision that are guilty by no association that hinder or halt prophetic effort via modern influential means are the ones 'blind in their right eyes to additional Christian decision.'  What I'm getting at, is, while trying to be more specific regarding this, is noting that there is always an element where God may not need to show more and things have already been fulfilled enough.  Yet for the sake of belief and faith we should do all we can to make things more specific because its not an easy decision thinking about all the miracles and debates of its final reality in existence.  You can't just create a definition off inaction of others to peg or slap a sketchy definition until further testing occurs. We should test it.  See the verses below..
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Same Person Prophesied Of

Man of lawlessness 2
Daniel 11_36_JPEGab.jpg
2 Thess 2_2_12_JPEGa.jpg
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Revelation Daniel connection


The only books that speak of the quoted 'time, times, and half a time,' are Daniel & Revelations that identify a time period.  The only books that identify the rise of the final trampling movement (dragon operation of the 4th beast of the end) come from the visions of Daniel & Revelations (the beasts & horns from the sea in Daniel come back into action via Revelations).  Both books talk about the time of the very end.  Difficulties and hindrances of life scenarios instituted by the dragon, are aspects occurring in the now that don't help heal the gospel & restore the sanctuary to its rightful state - as it isn't doing its full practice.  The duration's of the 1,260 days, 3.5 years, and 42 months live on in both these connecting books about the end, there are things to do.

Daniel 12_0710_JPEGa.jpg
Daniel 12_14&6_JPEG.jpg

What does this all imply?  That these things are occurring at the time of the end we know associating the abomination of desolation from Daniel become spoken of in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, to end time events.  The holocaust is within the total 'time or times' which are 70-80 years, the life of a man and generation between grandparent and grandchild to bear witness to everything occurring; but the end was not yet as foretold during the birth-pangs of the earth to its destruction when no life would be spared from the rumbling and rise of the atmosphere.  We blend all objectives remaining with this awareness, that each sentence is relevant and assessed accordingly.  We are now in a ‘time or times,’ which is also a 10-year window as Revelation sequencing is occurring with the trumpets and seals and woes part literally occurring and aware of, part spiritually lapsing of internal rapture and mediation standpoints.


The bible teaches us not everything is exactly timed, but we do know that with anything it takes time to develop development.  'Half a time,' may be the final execution, when the initiation phase ends and the production of things leads up to the climax scenario all executed in a 3.5-year duration.  It can always lead to the testing of a woe and the then become final allotted days.  Ultimately some sync should occur with the non-measured outer-courts that initiates a final hand off for the Daniel 9 portion that allows the sanctuary to become restored (after a delegated 70 week production) and operated prophetically prior to the allotted days being decreed (dependent on how this plays out) that will be different from the current religious association stance to the man of lawlessness, of false prophecy fulfillment, that says 'proclaim yourself over God, others, & religion,' whereas the final hand-off may include Islam taking their impression and decision further.  This additional shortened time, that is referenced differently than the original 2,300 evenings and mornings, is not for the 42 months of blasphemy duration, not the 3.5 years of drought, or 1,260 days of prophesying or nourishment, its first 3.15 years or 6.3 years and then a specifically said 1,290 days out to the final 1335, a different number for a different purpose, with as said before, some sync likely with the gentile outer courts, the prophetic misguides, and woman & dragon deal. 




Phase 1 occurs right now, faith actualized on 11/13/18 (Ram & Goat prophetic run through) while we are 'setting up the holy place sanctuary.'  To merely not come together to do this is trampling of a cause that constitutes itself, but because of transgressions infiltrated within the conduct of the world and business and life, it remains un-established 'to its rightful state.'   This holy place sanctuary is not currently restored to its rightful state until we execute a further test to reveal and do things accordingly. 


See the math below on the duration currently upon us.  Blasphemy, as said before regarding 42 months, is occurring ongoing always, but now louder during the final sorcery era of exposure in sync with the abomination of desolation time slot of prevention. 


2,300 / 2 = 1,150 evenings & 1,150 mornings = 2,300 total = 3.15 years


2,300 / 365 days = 6.3 years 

Now see the two time time references are segregated differently in different chapters of Daniel, they are specifically said for a reason, and just because they are close in duration doesn't mean they weren't meant for specific differences too.  Why say the additional aspect of 'being blessed' for waiting a specific 45 days?  If they don't sync lapse together they will be separate scenarios, first initiating an atheist agnostic type Antichrist as the 4 beasts rise into what is called the dragon operation, then an actual 'feat' occurs in the next time chunk after the Evenings and Mornings, where the false prophet modern Chaldeans in the final scenario of 1,335 days choose to requisite half a week upon their cause where church is prohibited, as the earth is rumbling enough, and they institute themselves according to their belief that may be affected by false prophecy initiatives of opposing Christian selection as they further learn there angle or revealings as this production goes on.      


This is a different duration in days referenced, after first talking about the sanctuary being restored in the previous chapter 8 of Daniel (virtual effort), it is only to then be restored upon heaven to come with God the light and no more sanctuary, as we 'bring in an everlasting righteousness and finish the decreed city to come,' that occurs after the final 1,335 days.  A test likely will be allowed due to this, so things will be up running and it will finish before the next time chunk manifests for different operations and scenario.  What scientists find in these final years confirming climate risks may have some effect with the woman and dragon scenario, but regardless the days are set before us.


1,335 / 365 = 3.66 years before the final angel reapers separate Christians (graded) and the dead in the graves rise (already graded too) into the clouds at the time of immediate darkness when people run to the caves that don't want to bow at the first thought when Jesus descends down from the clouds with the appearance magnification of lightening as the terrain and mountains flatten and the earth disappears and fire judgement leaves bullet points of grading assessments on our lives; in our next blink we exist either in the place of destruction 'prepared before hand for the devil and his angels,' that includes a lake of fire with dark trees a cold encompassing perimeter away not far from sulfur smell with a meditation of 'death,' and 'perish' outlooks / outcome* in a zone with more clouds and less light, more prison time chains of 'holy torment,' and the believers go to a free living state of thankful immediate full access capability living paradise with each other and the ongoing ages of thought out time from the Father.  In the last 45 days before full darkness sits idle for a shot time, people will even outwardly claim to be 'I am hes,' part of false prophecy confidence that they could reincarnate or some will just follow through with a dimwit scoff mindset towards prophet-hood 'if you are I am or see nobody is.'  Current fulfillment of 'I am he's,' is more vaguely understood and part of outlooks of superhero's or magic optimism or self indulgent thoughts with some people who infiltrate belief by wearing a cross one way or the other at times playing Christian mob boss (as an antichrist) or coward.


1,290 / 365 = 3.53 years this additional small 45 day difference reference (between 3.66 years & 3.53 yearsallows some faith and prayers 'regarding to be spared first,' from those who associate to the spiritual 'Church of Philadelphia,' that is occurring prior to 'the most tribulous hour the earth has ever faced since its beginning creation,' <See verses below eventually> as peoples within the body of Christ that either follow the vision and test hold to some prayers to make a unified rapture part of a belief test within this smaller practicing segment of the church (more bible based and oracle embracing) a faith reality, or as people that don't follow and don't understand the 'oneness' of initiative for the sake of everyone, but are still saved and designated to live in a pillar and worship similarly to now, existing in their state of peace.  You may be allowed prayers descending Christ during a prophecy test, you surely are allowed prayers to be spared from the hour on behalf of everyone.












So what will happen, is we ultimate reveal a person going through the role of the antichrist (familiar with the material and mindsets of the Ram & princes of Persia, a person authorized or capable to wire tap others) prior and during the executed vision.  Participation occurs for 3.5 years where we can know more first hand if water turns to blood more literally and rain doesn't fall in some zones (which may not be verifiable) that can lead to an orchestrated beating in the street, if the two witness prophets now dead ascend into heaven 3.5 days after their bodies lie dead on the streets and an earthquake kills 7,000 gift exchanging Muslim misguides celebrating the death of a Christian vision, as ones were willing to test Jihad of their faith near the bodies however they choose, then immediately the agreement is to halt church service for half a week (3.5 days) and the gentile outer court Muslim misguides create a Sunni Muslim worldly optimism where the practice of money and work constituent a faith in the underworld, taking some mandate from the atheist antichrist and mixing extra reward for themselves to take on their religion practice and additional aspects.  There are multiple diplomatic options to appease people carrying out their current duties, maintaining belief and representation of their stances as they do.   

So from the math above and dissecting of these passages, we know the duration length of the Abomination of Desolation, which is the transgression that makes everything more desolate (enduring us to fully mature eternal mind exposure & decision making), is 3.15 years or worst case scenario 6.3 years if riddle-crypt-discernment is allowed as an always continual biblical obstacle.  The way parables or riddles allowed is just another element that makes it more possible for angels to keep a spiritual realm clearance element to better guide or withhold our each step opportunely. 


When Jerusalem was captured in the 40’s,  the status of the temple back then (whether built or not, destroyed yet or not, whether stood in physically by some zealot on world television or not and people fled to the mountains (Zechariah says the mount of olives so does the New Testament reference this) happened or not to have occurred) — is erroneous to the current objectives similarly to how we could otherwise dismiss things further by looking at a few spots when the time sync analyzing halts ongoing discussion - contemplating how using Jerusalem 'surrounded by armies and you know its destruction has come near' from the 40's from back then to today is possible off the interpretations but we sometimes shorten the conversation to early, we can even read it a couple times and see how this upfront could be wrong interpretation and less clear in this regard, but remember they had to blend many events still to come within words and visuals used to relay.  Yes that means we are now suppose to skip out to the now end duration of final sackcloth outlook time to be living in, as we test an established prophecy that says so.  One way or the other this will occur or be behind us, the Lord will return in this duration post holocaust, or the future will lessen the need for prophetic resolve and zeal unless we get a captivity direct revelation and full prophet apostle practice, a strength derived by some past prophets due to scenario.  The right candidates will emerge!


Sure back in the 1940's, people may have benefited from these passages, especially from Luke (though they were Jews not just jumping in to do New Testament investigating) to flee Jerusalem or take mountain covered paths to escape concentration camps, when they saw their country being trampled by invading armies, 'surrounded by armies,' but even Christians weren’t that advanced in biblical interpretations at this point in time as they were forcing extra holy power expectations within society.  Things were said to inform, but people weren't putting together fulfillment during these times. 


It's good to remember the flow or transition of Israel once being seen more as a territory in history, to now the root reference of believers in heart across the world starting point during the virtual capability age.  That because we live in a virtual age of creation, we can utilize online software to create a virtual sanctuary to be restored, as part of an objective before the earth goes from standard climate change threat to imminent danger take cover it is no longer peace and security, thankfully the days are cut short. 


One objective in the new age with unlimited information at our finger tips, is we can expand spiritual dual word knowing’s, ones that need to be more an awareness in the final electronic age for spiritual numeric numbers to reach threshold - the proper message matters and without this some might not be guilty to not believe.  Jerusalem the literal territory, ‘the place where prophets are killed,’ is now less of an isolated visual point of reference in the Zion age of believers across the globe from past Jews now become Christians spread across the earth as the largest religion in the world like the muster seed became the largest plant in the garden.  Everything occurred as it was said to, and now where here with nothing to disprove or righteously stand in the way of this attempt.   So establishing the holy place and this large scale participation requires we utilize this planar relation between Zion in the hearts of the people part of the body of Christ or house of God, with the online visual and communication capabilities in a virtual world outside Jerusalem & Israel if you get the gist.      

Daniel 8_1314_JPEG.jpg
Daniel 12_1113_JPEGa.jpg
Churhc of philidalphia_JPEG.jpg
Content under review below
.  It means that 'profaning the temple,' or 'being blind to religious cause,' is the hardened decision that will take place all the way to the end.  As Habakkuk says, he keeps a faith that the God of predestination isn't really going to torture people doing things worldly and he'll take his chances all the way to hell.  Does he believe?  No not really more than his reality of this life, but he'll bluff God and Jesus to the grave or next earthquake as he inherent riches and fame from those who also profane the temple and holy covenant.  I wouldn't do that but who am I to tell you what to do?!    
As noted on the FTEWORLD homepage, an objective of the Antichrist collaboration is to 'shatter the holy covenant.'  These people have beef with creation, that no matter what we do with holy integrity we can't discern visuals and decisions without making things profaned according to its unneeded predicate.  Therefore they are advocates to increase exposure to worldly practice we should become normalized on.  The teachings from ages ago to now regarding holy conduct is something they are 'bent against.'   
The Daniel 11 Kings of the South and the North games were unofficially set into motion (conception) an estimated 15 year prior to a year 70 potential religious risk that could hinder society and business practice.  This orchestration included like-minded people coming together to set up definitions on why church and belief is a desolate cause, done through various television and IP metric analysis of celebrity fame, world power & influence, with detailed tracking and in depth evaluation part of the goal of attaining to be the god of gods on the earth, designating some to see through the role of the Ram.  We can fulfill prophesy half-ass better than the fat Christians they said, planting themselves into Christian circles in secret as they learned prophetic tendency with deviance's along the way. 
With parity and population numbers, the self designated kings of Persia continued their missions to play out these false prophecy fulfillment roles, that required them to master utilizing their additional money and resources to better 'trample the kingdoms of the earth.'  Some of the deviance's of their practice ran a risk of harsh penalties for collusion or racketeering, so they put themselves on edge to defend their stances as Antichrists by defining the 'practice of destruction,' while mocking or scoffing God's less creative meditation development.  Bashing faith in others who think they are on a path was a goal, given we all hear things similar they would say.  Does God really want me to think about private parts or crude language because I can't help it?  Why not just do things parallel with hell's angels that are rude crude and to the point on our differences (physical and emotional)?  Better yet, look at what I can do compared to you as far as accomplishments - obstacles don't matter, just what you are on paper!  The practice of death says, what I can say I say and we argue from there.
The princes of Persia, skilled at countering Christian progress, will or have formed the rise of the final beasts of Daniel and Revelation as the horns and kings that play their part instituting the Abomination of Desolation.  Eventually after Christians do their diligence from a prophecy standpoint, the revealing of the Son of Destruction becomes allowed, and no longer the person who neglected proper decision making to spread the gospel politely and rightly allows it to occur when the time is right. 

OTFO SUBSIDIARY Additional Information (not all company representatives are open Antichrists)


EAUTOCLIMATE may likely have various events themselves as part of their natural religious stances embrace the Abomination of Desolation antichrist mindset & practice.  FTE desires on the first initiation of setting up the virtual Jerusalem temple for their proactive effort to be limited to 3.15 years (or 42 months or less) part of the 2,300 evenings and mornings that could create additional hardship up to 6.3 years for full FTE transparent access & exposure to ends of the earth (host masking experts).  The final 1,335 days can be a duel coalition effort for future diplomatic treaty with the entire gentile outer courts, where the actual practice of church in a gesture of biblical follow through is banned for 3.5 days at or around the time of things that sequentially should play out and further Revelation reveal.  


An objective is to further scrutinize why we are exposed to the minds we have.  Exposing God for the thoughts and experiences we have is futile to the Christian, yet part of a non-God fearing approach and embrace of those who practice the perish mindset.  They can further define how our minds are influenced and or altered from modern exposure and technology (even testing sorcery further) and why it creates some desolate call (and fear to Christians) to what could have been the further progress of the gospel.  Likely with ins to the entertainment industry, they should hopefully help contribute to Revelation graphics and continue their operation of the 4 horns & nations, and all things necessary for the revealing to be set into a sequenced procedure.  This cooperation provides the best opportunity for diplomacy with harsh terrorism overseas, to allow an execution that contributes to afterlife ideology and corrects some past.

The modern-day collection is more so following terms of prophetic interpretation that restrict Christians from buying and selling as Revelation states regarding the Mark.  Cooperation with the promissory participation, utilizing the climate change faith pledge spending (or giving if that’s how you look at the purchase options) allows a stance to be greater made of.  It also allows some access for the man of lawlessness to have some monetary options with FTE or EAUTO treasury 'can run with funds to the dry Egypt.'  The difficult task of separating the call of Christ apart from standard living and spending by getting enough people to do something bona fide and cooperative more than what we've seen is still a large task ahead, to create a unified effort expectation with potential income in the billions (interactive dashboard graphics and prophecy updates) allows the reality of this to sink in appropriately.  

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